हिंदुस्तान अखबार के रिपोर्टर अजय शर्मा ने आरटीआई एक्टिविस्ट आरती सिन्हा के बारे में गंदी बातें छाप दी

Dear Sir, Please read the attached newspaper to find out how the media is insulting women openly. Case has been filed against Hindustan. I am a noted RTI activists and a social worker. from Jharkhand, I am carrying on fight against corruption in which i am successful also. One of the reporter from Hindustan named Ajay Sharma from Mihijam Dist Jamtara has published dirty things for me to malign my image in the society.

For that reason i have lost my courage and not able to lead a normal healthy life  he has done so to please my opponents from other parties who are throwing money to get safe from police action but for the sake of money the Hindustan has spoiled my career by publishing dirty/slang remarks in your newspaper, because of that i have lost my livelihood of taking tuition classes.

The said reporter is always hiding my names in the newspapers and publishing the news of those persons who are giving some favour and avoiding my name even if i do so many good things for the society,and raising corruption issues. Legal action should be taken against the persons involved in committing the crime. Find below the attachments of the news published on 24 May 2015 in the Hindustan.

Arti Sinha
Rajbari, Mihijam
Mob- 8092661244
mail- artisinha1384@gmail.com

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