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ललिता पांडेय नामक एक फोटोग्राफर ने जनवरी 2013 में यानि इलाहाबाद में चल रहे तत्कालीन महाकुंभ के दौरान एक तस्वीर क्लिक कर उसे फेसबुक पर अपलोड किया. इस फोटो में एक महिला नागा संन्यासिन दिख रही है, जैसा कि ललिता का दावा है. उनका दावा है कि उन्होंने इस दृश्य को खुद अपने कैमरे से कैद किया था. वे बता रही हैं कि इस महिला नागा साधु की उम्र 12 से 14 वर्ष के बीच रही होगी.

यह वही रेयर तस्वीर है. किसी ने ललिता से सवाल किया कि उसके बाल तो वैसे नहीं हैं जैसे नागाओं के होते हैं. इस पर ललिता का कहना है कि संभव है यह बच्ची अभी नागा साधु बनने की प्रक्रिया में हो. नीचे है ललिता पांडेय का एफबी स्टेटस. साथ ही इस रेयर तस्वीर पर आई ढेर सारी प्रतिक्रियाओं का भी प्रकाशन किया जा रहा है...

Lalita Pandey : a rare click... blind click.. before I cud see,think,settle,it went away......I heard tht ppl located one or two Female Naga Samnyasini. I tried to visit their cottage,bt it ws strictly prohibited. (even for females)

     Anup Dhir You are a keen photographer... Send this photo to some magazine

    Shubha Pradeep Really awesome that you could click this one.....excellent sweetheart..
    Navin Chandra Rare pic...........i seen first time.....just amazzzzing
    Partha Sarathy wow
    Sujit Kumar Saran i have seen first time in your photo.i doubt
    Lalita Pandey Naga cult is amazing,mysterious..............now i will read more on it
    Iti Shree Misra Fabulous click Lalita Pandey....and she's so pretty!!!
    Lalita Pandey Doubt....?? wht doubt...?? this is for real
    Lalita Pandey Iti Shree Misra...she is .she looks a girl of 12-13 yrs old, not mch......thnxz fr compliment.....
    Partha Sarathy Nopes she is much elder....as frm pic...
    Iti Shree Misra Yes...but some spunk to be a naga....
    Sujit Kumar Saran i had attended Kumbh at Haridwar and not seen any female naga sanyasin.I had met many female Mahamandaleshwaras
    Navin Chandra I shared it.......without yr permission.....
    Soumesh Pati She looks like that she is around 20
    Lalita Pandey No No.....she is vry small...smwhr bet 12-14 yrs,nt mch...i hv seen her.I kno btr ..trust me
    Soumesh Pati India is a Country with full of mystery. Hats Off.....
    Anurag Tiwari She looks like poonam pandey, look at her hair unlike Naaga sadhus....
    Lalita Pandey Navin Chandra.....u don't need permission obv.....
    Soumesh Pati Agreed Lalita Ji...
    Lalita Pandey Anurag Tiwari.......show sm reverance......!!!
    Anurag Tiwari with all due respect ma'am, what I said was not meant to show disrespect. If she is Naga her hair wouldn't have been in such good condition, above all her face resembles to the lady mentioned in above comment.
    Sujit Kumar Saran i have full respect but i feel she is not a naga sanyasin as her resebllance is not like nagas
    Lalita Pandey I think she is in d process of making a samnyasini........Anurag Tiwari...n see,comparing her wid Poonam pandey itself is not fair......
    Anurag Tiwari and Poonam herself had posted some pics of her Mahakumbh visit.
    Lalita Pandey Anurag Tiwari.......I know Poonam Pandey n have seen her in many pics. I m saying this girl is a young girl...I m a   witness to dis sight, n u r trying to establish as if she is sm1 else...
    Vishan Prakash What I would like to know is how she survives amongst these naked chillum smoking sadhus, although they are supposed to be celibate. There would always be some rogue elements within the group to deal with. And what would her status be ? That of a goddess OR a personal assistant to the head honcho ? It really would be very interesting to know more about the life of these Naga Sadhus.
    Anurag Tiwari I am not trying to establish anything, her face resembled, that is the reason I asked. You are right you have witnessed the sight live and its always more authentic than the photographs.
    Gender Ssa Tsg I think he is a boy with long hair
    Purushottam Bajpai may be ateenager boy alos
    Gender Ssa Tsg yeap... i agree wid you
    Shankar Ghosh rare and good shot
    Chanchal Sanghi Most interesting pic!!
    Sanjana Gangolli u r blessed to go to such a holy place
    Lalita Pandey Thnxz Shankar Ghosh..............Purushottam Tripuri....u r wrong.
    Pankaj Gupta Lalita ji...iss shot ko share karne k baad aap ke 7 khoon maaf.....
    Lalita Pandey Pankaj Gupta....iss tareef ke liye tah-e-dil se shukriya............
    Pankaj Gupta waise u r quite lucky...who could click such rare shot..n came bk..intact...keeping the hostile images of naga sadhus in mind..
    Lalita Pandey I saw a glimpse,as I hv no idea tht I wud get to see anythng like this,I kept my eye on it,n jus ws clicking anything coming to frame...I hd no heart to chk right now at tht moment,n ws praying God. Finally whn I downloaded,I felt soooooooooooo happy...I swear....Pankaj Gupta
    Pankaj Gupta i hv my doubts...as some ppl said that she might b a boy..but by face she is looking quite mature..n very very much like a beautiful woman....sach hi kaha gaya hai..naga sadhuo ka sansaar tamam chamatkaro ...rahasyo se bhara pada hai...
    Samir Srivastava lalita ji sry but i envy with u with u kumbh visit....but one thing i tell u for ur knowledge that there is no thingh like naga sanyasin its just a gimmik if u read about nagas
    Lalita Pandey Samir Srivastava...u r not updated then.
    Samir Srivastava lalita ji ...i m updated...
    Samir Srivastava nagas r only devoti of shiv in shamshan bhumi....no female
    Lalita Pandey better update
    Samir Srivastava ok...i will send the proofs
    Lalita Pandey No need.....thnxz
    Samir Srivastava welcome.....
    Samir Srivastava sry if i hurt ur feeling....sry lalita ji
    Devraj Singh anyone can be shiva devotee
    Lalita Pandey I'm a Shiva devotee.................I hv travelled Mansarovar Kailash Parbat.......Jai Bhole Nath.......
    Lalita Pandey Samir Srivastava...I'm nt made of glass....n u cn't hurt me...try....!!
    Devraj Singh Jai Bhole Nath... Its gr8.. Shiva devotees are made of glass but unbreakable ....!!
    Samir Srivastava gud....nice....shva is ultimate
    राजू मिश्र कमाल की है आपकी पैनी नजर....जय हो।
    Lalita Pandey thnkooo ji........
    Devraj Singh u come come ji
    Hemant Kumar Amazing ..movments...nice capture...
    Devanshi Seth How interesting! Awesome click!
    Lalita Pandey Devanshi Seth......mera paisa vasool ho gaya.....sachchi
    Devanshi Seth I can't take my eyes off this picture now. It's also interesting how people can interpret one pic in so many different ways. What you notice in the picture speaks not so much about the picture as it does about you.

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