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Starting 26th October

Our country-belle Subhli is a typical ‘Desi’, highly-strung, headstrong granddaughter of her ‘Naana’.  It is a cherished wish of her grandpa’s that she may be betrothed to some city-bred, well-educated boy so as to rid her of this hard life, but despite all his persistence in making her study, Subhli could make no headway in that direction and that has meant many a prospective proposals ending in a smoke…!

On the other side of the spectrum is our Rishi, who is a degree-holder from abroad… His dreams sour to scale the skies and he wants to pursue a career, whereby, instead of following others’ theories, he can set his own trends – a la Bill Gates… And before setting out on the journey to realise all his dreams, he comes to visit his family in India.

Just after touching India, he stumbles upon Subhli and this sudden collision only ends up in a fight between the two… Rishi swears not to ever see her face again in life, while Subhli vows that she would smash his head if ever happened to cross her path again.

Rishi’s Daadaji is hell-bent on making him tie the knot with a girl of similar disposition at the soonest possible (incidentally, Rishi and Subhli share only one heartfelt similarity between them – both do not want to marry)… However, just as Grandpa keeps showing Rishi one girl after another, the boy keeps rejecting them all on one pretext or the other, like, if the girl is a ‘Mod’ one, he wishes her to be the ‘Rotla’ (roti prepared of Bajra)- baking type or some other such rusés as – ‘I don’t want a girl who speaks English, I want one who speaks the truth’… and so on…!

Subhli’s ‘Naanaji’ and Rishi’s ‘Daadaji’ happen to be pals of long-standing and when ‘Daadaji’ chances to eat Subhli’s ‘Rotla’, besides seeing her general deportment, the old man feels that this ‘Subhli’ may just be the perfect ‘match’ for his Rishi… At his dogged persistence, Rishi agrees to meet the girl, while Subhli being allergic to the very idea of a marriage, sends Shalaaka, a rather ‘Mod’ Saheli of hers, to meet Rishi in her place… Shalaaka makes quite an impression on Rishi, besides herself getting smitten by him,… Rishi says, ‘Yes’ for her to his grandpa… While Subhli is totally ignorant of it, Rishi’s grandpa fixes their marriage and when on the D-day, Rishi sees Subhli to be the girl he is actually marrying, he refuses then and there… At this, his grandpa becomes the butt of all kinds of accusations that he has devastated the life of an innocent girl, which makes him feel guilty no end… Seeing him to be in such a duress, Rishi promises the old man that even if he wouldn’t marry Subhli, he would get a suitable boy for her, who would be promising, smart and rich for her to marry..But it is better said than done and finding such a boy for Subhli is a challenge too hard to meet… Finally, Rishi hits upon the idea of doing a ‘makeover’ of Subhli by grooming her into being a smart, hep and ‘today’ gal… But Subhli doesn’t cooperate with him in this even a wee bit, yet rishi doesn’t lose heart or hope.

And then, during this tussle, how Cupid strikes the two is what our tale is all about. In a couple, if ‘one’ is incomplete, it’s a Himalyan challenge for the other to make him/her complete and Rishi picks up the gauntlet of this challenge… He turns Subhli into ‘Subhashini’… In another way, both complement each other and Subhli, too, completes Rishi…! Indeed, this story is a window to a miracle as to how an earthy, uncultivated, unpolished Subhli bonds an elitist snoot and snob, who only dreams of careers abroad, to the land of his birth…!

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