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प्रेस क्लब आफ इंडिया में चुनाव : फिर वही मुख्य चुनाव अधिकारी आया है…


Nirnimesh kumar-

The same group, with minor changes but no replacement of the Chief Election Officer, MMC Sharma, is being appointed to conduct PCI elections for the past one decade.

Also, the election officers numbers should always be in odd numbers so that in case of division of opinion on any issue, the officer could express their different views on it, with the chief election officer enjoying no privilege of casting vote.

All these discrepancies raise suspicion on impartiality of the election process.
Another illegality which is also being committed by the committee: is providing the voters’ list after the the withdrawal of the nomination date, putting the rival group in a huge disadvantageous position.

It must be made available on the date of the notification of the election. The whole process of grant of membership is opaque. It is a kind of rigging the election, with the chief election officer working as a spokesperson of the managing committee to reject objections to the vitiation of the election process.

The chief election officer has been doing it for the past one decade, stonewalling any suggestion to make the process fair and above suspicion.

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