Mayawati’s rule in greater Noida

Respected Editors, Greetings!, I read news about tension between the farmers and the cops at BHATTA-PARSAUL village in Greater Noida in  Hindustan Times/Sunday times (May 08,2011). I also appreciate the pictures taken by  photographers. What made me write to you : as a common man/national citizen I can say – UP GOVERNMENT (Hon’ble CM MAYAWATI) is not taking the right way its it tortuous and mental harassment throughout.

Picture on Page 4- Hon’ble DM sir is getting treatment at hospital-guarded by 3 attendants-

how about the farmers. who is looking after them  ????

(“this is what i call corruption-  which is human error- an orthopedic problem”)

“the picture on Page 1& 4  of an old farmer — craving for his life- – almost bald- nothing left with him  to loose

in another picture an old man begging for his life– look into his eyes- see the pain and wrinkles on his face.. is he a criminal??”-

I would like to give my views regarding the episode happening between the farmers and the cops/UP Government.

UP Govt has an eye on farmers land for a better project/development/prosperity of the nation etc etc. AGREED!!!
but at what cost ??
3 lives have been laid down,
District Magistrate was hit by bullet….
who did it??
“the poor farmers, the back bone of our country, the generous hard working common man of our nation”
“ek seetha sada aadmi bhi bandook utha sakta hai agar naubat aayee too”- (SELF DEFENCE)

“even i can turn from moderate to extremist”

y they r provoking us to leave the road for ahinsa..

UP Govt is new OSAMA for our nation.
“farmers will burn the country live because they have already been provoked by UP Govt Administration – SO DONT play with scentiments and humanity of a common man”
things has to be resolved by the help of media also.
1. one to one talk something more in terms of money of land (mutual discussion)
3. 1000 farmers will be effected- i think thats not the large number – it can be easily taken over peacefully if at all required.
4. some other benefits should be given to them if they agree to give land.

I remember the word by Mother Teresa”if we have no peace, it is because we have forgotten that we belong to each other”

i just expressed my views in personal. Please forgive me for my grammatical mistakes/errors

Dr Sumit Dubey
New Delhi
(Gursahaiganj, District -Kannauj)

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