Police torturing us, especially SP City Aligarh, Uttar pradesh

Respected Sir, I am simple Indian citizen who is also a mother of 2 IIT’ians (one of my daughter has completed his MBA from ISB, Hyderabad) and my husband is a retired Sub Inspector from civil police (He joined police as Sub Inspector and retired as sub inspector). For the last several years we are fighting for the dignity against the mafias to protect our ancestoral land and therefore our self respect.

No doubt mafias always manage to get support of police by paying bribe. We are fighting for the last 15 years. We have seen governments by BJP, President rule, Samajwadi Party, Bahujan Samajwadi Party. The main mafias against us is Tejvir Singh Alias Guddu (Have been booked thrice under NSA Act and presently in Jail since 2006, Lot of gangsters and criminals, small politicians who are actively supported by so called politicians. You can easily find out who is the minister in this case!)

During last 15 years we have met officer from DGP to constable several times. We also met Home minister, Central Govt during Samajwadi Party rule in UP. Our case was also published in Tehelka newspaper (Sept 11, 2004 – page attached).

The first time we met DGP was during Samajwadi Party time was Mr Nair to which he referred the case to DIG Agra Mr Aloke Prasad, during the same time IG Kanpur also referred this case to DIG to which DIG Aloke Prasad did thorough investigation, lot on paper work and the only thing in action was transfer of SHO.

Where is the governance? We wish there is some difference between present officers and past officers. Though difference is not there at district level.  Consider this case:

The last time we (my son) met DGP was Mr Vikram Singh, DGP office immediately send the fax to SSP Aligarh but by that time Aligarh police had already send my brother to Jail in absolutely fake case. Later on NHRC imposed Rs 10,000 fine on the concerned SHO.

NHRC gives money as compensation and so does Aligarh police officials works for money in UP?

Consider another case how corrupt the police is:

We called SP City on Mobile (last Month), to which he said that concerned Police station (Kwarsi Police Station) is not under his jurisdiction, but for mafias he used to call 100 times. SP (RA) Aligarh is not in his office  for the last 2-3 days but still SHO gets a call from SP RA to stop the construction at our land!! (They don’t have any stay order!!) Who gives such calls? SP City also acting like a telephone operator.

For your Information: Police Station Kwarsi is under SP City Aligarh.

Well the issue is not solved in last 15 years but Mafias are as strong as ever atleast in our case. This time with the help of SP city of Aligarh, Maan Singh Chauhan and SHO Kwarsi. The Present SP city of Aligarh is posted at Aligarh for the last 4 years and he is blind in case of two things: 1. Money 2. Caste

Is there any way to get proper aid and justified actions from the govt authorities.

What is the MRP of Aligarh Police and the UP police if it is required. Since Mafias are the bulk purchaser of illegal activities the Aligarh police must be giving lot of concession to them.

DGP Karamavir Singh says police should act. But where is the action?

SSP Aligarh Mr Satyendar Vir Singh seems to be honest, but where gone his honesty? Why he is not acting?

Special DG Brijlal, We have heard a lot about him, right from his tenure as SSP Meerut. Why his control is so loose on Aligarh police?

In our case either officer gets a money or gets a call from Lucknow!!

Or it’s the same thing that power is corrupt?

Where are our rights, where is the constitution and most important where is the soul of officers who are sitting at higher post. If GOD has given them the opportunity to serve, then they must and they should serve.

Just for your information, we are Indian citizens. For whole life we used to teach our children what is correct and what is wrong. Now what we should teach our children?

The same news is expected to be published in some local newspaper on 2nd April 2011 (For pic and video: Click here – http://aligarh-cheap-police.blogspot.com). But when even Tehelka newspaper was not so “true” as per govt officials, then what this local paper would be able to do. We feel to fight is our destiny and therefore this email is. After living such a truthful life for whole life, this is what govt officials and this administrative system is giving us.

This email is too small to tell the complete case  and all because of corruption. You can call any district officer and he knows the complete case.

Now last but not the least, hopefully these emailid’s works and works properly.

We need justified help.

Kusum Chaudhary

W/o Mr Vijay Bahadur Singh

Front of PAC, Ramghat Road

Police Station : Kwarsi


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  • c.k.tiwari says:

    Its not a single story about U.P.Police, several cases as so crushed by the police on under presser and no secured live depend on police. more cases daily solved by police iffected with mafias, politicean,


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