दैनिक भास्कर के संपादक को अपने इस्तीफे के पत्र में प्रशांत रवि ने क्या लिखा, पढ़ें



Dainik Bhaskar,


Dear sir,

With great pain and anguish I offer to resign from the post of chief photographer of Danik Bhaskar, Patna w.e.f  14 march2014.  Sir, it may surprise you but there have been certain reasons which, in course of my stint at the office, had become unbearable coupled with ache and torture which ultimately forced me to take myself out of your paper.

Though, I donot nurse any prejudice or plaint against any individual but just wish to cite certain things here so that others working there would not have to go through the ordeal I was forced to pass.

First and foremost, I would like to say that during my stay in the newspaper I realized and amazed that it was the Desk which was selecting the photos without any meaningful consultation with the photo-section. And, most of the time it has its adverse impact on the visual contour of the paper. The Desk dominance in the daily affairs of photo section was not only healthy, but humiliating.

Secondly, despite my best effort, hard work and lens clicks I found the Editorial team of the paper throwing the ball of blame in the court of Photo section for paper’s overall nonperformance. We’re short of staff but always on the toes to match the best but the constant demand of ‘extraordinary pictures everyday’ was most daunting, if not haunting.

The overall approach of the Editorial team, I must say, was not encouraging rather always complaining. It appeared confused and conspicuously short of ideas and thoughts.

And, above all, at the end of the day there was no byline even on page -1 photos which often became talk of town.

In such an office atmosphere with Editorial it was becoming suffocating for me everyday to carry along and I decided to quit,

I shall be obliged and thankful if my resignation will be accepted with all the necessary formalities completed at earliest possible.

Thanking you

Prashant Ravi

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