Shubhranshu Choudhary झूठा व्यक्ति, झूठ की बुनियाद पर खड़ी इमारत का सच जानिए : Smita Choudhary

Smita Choudhary : मेरी इस फेसबुक पोस्ट को कृपया पढें और share करें. साथ ही Shubhranshu Choudhary से प्रश्न करें. इतने झूठे व्यक्ति को अवार्ड मिलने का आधार ही यह है कि वे इंटरनेट का दुरुपयोग कर रहे हैं. यूँ तो किसी को अवार्ड मिले तो वह बधाई का पात्र होता है, लेकिन आधारभूत रूप से झूठ की बुनियाद पर खड़ी इमारत को बधाई नहीं दी जा सकती. झूठ की बुनियाद पर खड़ी इमारत तभी तो ढहेगी जब लोग सच को समझने का प्रयत्न करेंगे. मेरी पोस्ट ये है…

शुभ्रांशु चौधरी


Smita Choudhary : It is interesting to note that two of the nominees are known to have cases of domestic violence pending against them. They are known to have disregarded the people, the law and all that they say they stand for. I am learning the politics behind the awards. There was a time when we ( as in the CGNet Swara that I co founded) said that Awards were given to crush possibilities that were not convenient. And then our friends said that we had sold out for the growth of CGNet- actually what they meant was that the founder had sold out. They were right.

I can see that the name and fame game went to my husbands head and the person who could stand up for injustice done by his friends is now being feted for making CGNet a voluntary platform which stands for cheap technology which can grown like temples- after accepting 400,000 dollars in foreign funds and not being able to account for it? And that too by the way was not the idea of the man who claims to be the sole founder – it was the idea of a young Ashoka Fellow- Arjun Venkatraman,
And what is the credibility? The divorce petition filed by my husband in which he acknowledges both our contributions to CGNet albeit in a manner which was that of a bully. And yet, he fails to acknowledge me as co founder in any award winning ceremony. And he takes credit for Hacker Gram, and did all he could to damage both of us. Do I mind- Like Hell I do !

The idea and its implementation was mine- He was the face. Did I mind? No. Because I could say I was his wife. Proudly. Then I see that in spite of being such a horrible husband he is one of the top 100 thinkers. Then I wonder if the world is thinking at all. And then I don’t wonder. I know. And what can one mind about mindlessness. They say that people with the personality disorder he has cannot think beyond themselves. I wait for him to get insight- unlikely he will turn up at the psychiatrists or the courts.

स्मिता चौधरी के फेसबुक वॉल से.

पूरे प्रकरण को जानने-समझने के लिए इन्हें भी पढ़ें…

शुभ्रांशु चौधरी ग्लोबल थिंकर सूची में शामिल


शुभ्रांशु पर ‘सीजी नेट’ की को-फाउंडर स्मिता चौधरी ने लगाए कई आरोप


सीजीनेट वाले शुभ्रांशु चौधरी को एक्सपोज करेंगी उनकी पत्नी स्मिता चौधरी, पढ़िए मेल

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