An Open Letter To Media about the autocratic behaviours of bureaucrats (related to IIMC)

The Editor,

Dear Sir

The IIMC Executive Council members spoke vocally against the conspiracy against me and sought quashing of the September 29, 2011 vindictive and illegal order at the EC meeting on July 2, 2015. (Secy I&B-cum-chairman was the spoilsport). Eminent editor, Mr H K Dua, forcefully said that the order needed to be quashed immediately as gross injustice has been done by the then chairman Raghu Menon (also then I&B secy) and director Sunit Tandon. He also called for reinstatement of Prof Sarkar. Mr. Dua opposed the setting up of any committee. He said that the EC had erred and the EC itself should correct its own decision.