BJP Continues to Mislead Farmers and their Supporters in Various Parties

: The Real Battle is between Farmers and Land Grabbing Corporates and BJP, not between Bharat and Pakistan! :  BJP is Hiding Behind the Poor in its Defence :  The Ordinance now Bill is Bringing Back the Colonial Legacy: Unacceptable : Delhi : Forcible land acquisition has always been an issue of life and death for millions of people in India, not only farmers but also agricultural laborers and fish workers. With the Land Ordinance it has become a political hot-potato. More than 350 people’s organizations gathered at the Parliament Street on February 24th, with 25,000 people from Gujarat to Orissa to Assam, and from Himachal Pradesh to Tamil Nadu and Kerala. It has forced the political parties to take a stand on the issue and leading to heated debate and discussion on the floor of the Parliament. It is certainly a result of the anti-farmer and anti-poor move of undemocratically amending the 2013 Act on Land Acquisition and Rehabilitation to the extent of killing its very spirit and purpose.