Tribute to the legendary cartoonist Mr. R.K.Laxman

The dexterous hand that held the brush that moved and captured the soul of India on the paper has stopped moving forever. 2015 is a year which will be marked for two major blows to the world of cartoons and the cartoonists. First the Charlie Hebdo massacre then the sad demise of our Legendry cartoonist Mr. R.K. Laxman whose  infallible strokes were instantly identifiable and his common man holding the iconic stature in the mindset of readers is the most familiar figure. Mr. Laxman stirred the world of politics by his brilliance and brought forth its stark realities lacing it with a pinch of humour here and a dash of satire there His common man is the ubiquitous silent observer who remains apathetic towards the vagaries of political upheavals, rampant corruption or financial crises.