श्री ग्रुप चेयरमैन मनोज द्विवेदी मेरा पैसा दबाए है, मैंने खुद नोटिस देकर इस्तीफा दिया : पंकज वर्मा

Dear Yashwant ji, Apropos our telecon of date I am forwarding you the copy of my E-mail dt 12.02.15 addressed to Mr Manoj Dwivedi, Chairman-Shri Group indicating my willingness to part from the Orgn on my own due to non-payment of salary and other expeses for over 6 months. The news carried by you quoting a so called letter dt 20.02.15 of Mr Umesh Azad, ED regarding my termination from the Orgn is totally wrong as no such letter whatsoever has been either served on me or intimated to me so far.