बेटी की हत्या से मर्माहत दरभंगा जिले के जयकुमार झा का खुला पत्र… कृपया इनकी मदद करें…

Sub: Seeking your immediate attention towards the brutal murder of my daughter by her own husband

Respected Sir,

As I have taken a pen in my hand to convey the magnitude of my anguish to you, I am observing that my fingers are trembling and the rivulets of tears are gushing forth, drenching my whole face. Sir, I am a helpless father whose daughter had been hacked to death by her husband Dharmendra Jha purportedly on 2nd of March 2015. My daughter Puja Kumari was barely of 25 years old when the ugly clutches of death had taken her away from us. Uglier still, the murderer Dharmendra Jha still remains at large till date despite police conducting ostensible raids to trace him and other members of his family.