टाइम्स ग्रुप को चीफ सब एडिटर चाहिए

Chief sub editor

times group

Areas of Responsibility

Edit articles, select photos and give story ideas, give headlines and caption and edit copies.

Liaise with reporters for graphic matter and stories and with photographers for photos in order to ensure that no important stories are missed and readers get the correct picture of an event.

Make pages, give correct and catchy headlines, give smart taglines adages and provide informative captions and make attractive and informative graphics and edit and rewrite stories in order to produce error-free, informative and attractive pages.

Make pages, draw dummies for the assigned edition, decide on stories and pictures to be taken in order to produce a visually pleasing page.

Scan the agencies and make a list of relevant stories which are not being covered by reporters in order to maintain the paper’s edge over competitors and ensure that no story is missed.

Good experience in production along with writing is a must.

Location: Delhi

Experience: 2-8 years

Interested applicants, please share CVs at kiranpreet.kaur@timesgroup.com

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