a new story of vartika nanda opportunism

A VITAL INPUT REGARDING POLITICAL ANTECEDENT OF VARTIKA NANDA : This is in connection with a proposal sent from Ministry of I & B to MHA regarding security clearance of Ms Vartika Nanda for being appointed as member of Prasar Bharati Board. These are links of the two videos which show Ms Vartika Nanda being firmly and publicly entrenched in Aam  Adami Party. These videos are not more than few months old (2th of May 2015) and they still are posted in the VIDEO gallery of the official website of Aam Adami Part (AAP).

Now surprisingly within 6 months of cohorting and cohabiting with AAP, she has found patronage in BJP where she is being considered for the post of Member, Prasar Bharati Board. Grapevine is that she is an AAP plant in BJP. At one time she was lobbying hard for the post of Chairman, Delhi Commission for Women, but AAP could not accommodate her because they had the wife of one of their leaders as a higher priority. Vartika Nanda is a B.A. (Pass) graduate of a non-descript college in Ambala and carries a correspondence MA degree from Kurukshetra University.  The only worth acknowledging diploma she has is from IIMC, New Delhi. Reportedly, her PhD thesis also is written by somebody else, which entitles her to be called a doctor. See these YouTube video links as proof of Vartika Nanda’s close links with AAP…

With Arvind Kejriwal https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pZ8wVPKNJjY
With Manish Sisodia https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=as1i4_mgCpw

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  • इसे ही दोहरा चरित्र कहते हैं। मीडियावालों को ही गाली देती है और मीडिया की ही कमाई खाती है। ना समाज के लिए कोई योगदान ना मीडिया के लिए। जुगाड़ जंतर करते करते प्रसार भारती में घुस गई…………….हद है भाई


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