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“The Southern States Are Showing the Way”: Gurcharan Das

“Education is not about rote learning, it’s about questioning.”

Chennai, 12th October 2023: “A lot of people, like me, are in the middle of the political spectrum; and I am a liberal”, said, noted public intellectual, author, and commentator, Gurcharan Das, sharing his thoughts on the Southern Rising Summit at ABP Network’s “The Southern Rising” Summit. “Being a liberal, you are on a lonely road, as there’s no one to vote for.”

Speaking on the session, “In Search of Freedom: The Personal and Political,” Gurcharan Das elaborated upon the history of India in his lifetime. “The big change is that we were economically challenged for the first 40 years,” he remarked. “The nation was shackled for a period of 40 years, and as the world witnessed Japan’s rise, it was imperative that decisive action be taken at that time”

On education system, Gurcharan Das said today “Even today 80% of Indians do not have access to quality education. Only 20 percent of people have access to quality education. They can make a Silicon Valley city like Bengaluru and revolutionize the IT industry.”

“Education is not about rote learning, it’s about questioning. My advice to youths will be to live and examine life,” the author said.

When discussing the growth of southern states, he observed that “Tamil Nadu possesses a magic, with a well-established governance system. Its per capita income has witnessed a remarkable doubling. Overall, in terms of growth the southern states are showing the way.”

Speaking about his memoir, Gurcharan Das, shared a message for the youth, “The good reason to write your memoir is to re-live your life. My mother taught me to make a living; my father taught me to make a life”

‘The Southern Rising’ Summit was conceptualized and instituted by ABP Network as a tribute to the exceptional growth, cultural opulence, and societal harmony exemplified by the southern states of India.  It aims to celebrate the spirit and richness of southern states, united on a singular mission of driving a transformative journey for India. The summit thus witnesses profound deliberations and sharing of insights by the movers and shakers of South Indian states and Union Territories. 

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