Install CCTV cameras in all prisons, mental asylums and boarding schools…

Do your best to put an end to sufferings of isolated Indians. Ending the tradition of human rights abuses in indian prisons, mental asylums and boarding school. Nearly a million Indians are waiting in prisons, mental asylums and boarding schools… For someone who can put an end to their sufferings. If CCTV cameras are installed in all prisons, mental asylums and boarding schools, Atleast it would end the suffering of those people , whose voices cannot cross the boundaries Of prisons, mental asylums and boarding schools.

Prisons:  there are nearly about 4.5 lakh prison inmates in india. In prisons and interrogation rooms  cctv cameras should be installed so as to make sure That prison officials are not misusing their powers  and  stopping  physical abuse of inmates. Cctv cameras should also be installed in prisons kitchens , so as to make sure Prisoners get human grade food , not animal grade food .

I know prisoners did commit crime, but you also don’t have the right to abuse their dignity and self respect  daily, as they are already suffering from physical and mental abuse because of being in prisons . 50 % of prisoners in indian prisons are undertrials, whose crime has not been proven  . Supreme court gave judgement to release them, But few are being liberated. Every prison cell should get power supply  , atleast 3*4 feets windows  in each cell  , which is essential to Let them get free air . Cctv cameras should be  online and accessible by district commissioner  and civil court Retired judges . Mental  asylums : in india in mental asylums and hospitals , psychiatric patients are kept chained to rooms, beds  or handcuffed  . this is a clear violation of human rights of those who cannot understand what is happening to them . Some times they are beaten badly  by their care takers  , they get worst form of food to eat .

In every district or city  which has mental asylums or mental hospitals A government official should do surprise visits on weekly  basis to make sure   mentally ill patients are not mistreated  . Check the quality of their food . make sure segregation of patients should be done so that the condition of less mental illness person Doesnot get worsened by being in company of  more mental ill patients . An independent  psychiatrist , gov appointed or private  practitioner should be present full time in all mental asylums , so as to make sure , that the psychiatrists of these mental asylums or hospitals Are treating their patient in the best possible manners . Cctv cameras also needs to be installed in all pvt, gov  mental asylums or hospitals . Cctv  live footage should be online and should be accessible at all the time by District surgeon . Boarding Schools :  in my view all boarding schools should be banned in india . If parents cant take care of their childrens , then why do they give birth to them . Boarding schools are like prisons for childrens . they need their parents care , not psychical  abusing by wardens. All boarding schools should have Cctv cameras in sleeping rooms , galleries , classes and isolated places in boarding schools campus . live footage should be available to Block education officers of concerned districts where boarding schools are there . In boarding schools there are a lot of sexual abuse cases taking place . cases of sexual abuse in Boarding schools need to be addressed seriously .

Beo should conduct surprise visits to boarding schools atleast 5 times a week and interact with Students regarding their  situation . Now indian gov has forced all shops in india , even  tea shops to install Cctv cameras . but human rights abuses donot take place in markets . but they take place in prisons , mental asylums , boarding schools . so the gov should not take bribe and issue orders to all prisons departments in india , all mental asylums in india and all boarding schools in india to immediately and compulsorily  install  Cctv cameras in all these three institutions , spread across india ,  with  live feeds to the offices of district commissioners, retired judges,  district surgeons and block education officers office rooms . if Media carries this message in the  news , it may atleast put an end to the sufferings of those , whose voices donot cross the compound walls of their place of confinements. saying Bangladesh murdabad in news is not going to take this country  to higher position, but by hearing the voices and solving the problems of those who cannot voice their concern , would make india a better country to live . do no more delays .

md rizwan siddiqui

Mechanical engineer

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