kindly inspect the loan given by Central bank of india to Sudarshan News channel

The Director
Serios Fraud Investigation Office
Govt. Of India

Sub: kindly inspect the all loans given by Central bank of india (specially of Sudarshan News channel)

Dear Sir/Madam,   

This is to inform you that we have a full information that Sudarshan News has taken the loan by Central bank of india  (branch sec-15 A, Noida) which was totally forgery loan based on all false papers submitted by the channels also there is as such no offices based the sanctioned loan. Also there is a main point that when one of the officer of CBI was not signing the sanction letter of the sudarshan channel due to fake papers submitted by the channels then all the main lobby has been transferred to that person.

How it has been justificated to a employee of any reputed bank?? channel is also not giving PF to any employee from beginning to till date. When the any officer comes for checking for that they give the bribe for hiding the issue. It is serious fraud more than 50 crores bank loans and PF money.
Kindly investigate all these matters as urgent..

Also kindly hide to make our identity & seceracy.