Tata Value Homes : Cheating customers on super area issue…

Yashwant Jee, I had posted my feedback on the same issue on Facebook/ Tata Value Homes page, which was having 84 likes and 38 comments till today. TATAs could not sustain that and got Facebook to remove my REVIEW today. I have protested with Facebook, as below:

Dear Madam/ Sir,

Ref: My protest message sent on Help Centre today, 26 October 2015

I strongly object to Facebook removing my REVIEW posted on TATA VALUE HOMES page today because they objected to you. How could you do that without giving me an opportunity to be heard? Removed Post as below for reference:

“I have inside information that Tata Value Homes increased Saleable Super Area by approx 10%, in New Haven Bahadurgarh (Haryana) Project, from the value came after genuine calculations by Architects. Why, a Tata Group Company, not following Tata Ethics and fleecing innocent customers?Common people pay through their nose looking at Tata Brand….. Issued in public interest”

I am sending an email with supporting documents attached for you to check the contents, please review at last, my REVIEW is absolutely truthful.

I have the following issues here:

1] If TATA VALUE HOMES found the post wrong, why didn’t they refute by replying in the same place?
2] If TATA VALUE HOMES can’t sustain truthful reviews, why do they have that section in place on their page?

I understand that TATA VALUE HOMES have given Facebook a commercial order of 100,000 Likes but Facebook India Team must resist from obliging on wrongful requests. Please restore my REVIEW immediately, else I will protest on all possible legal forums against this gag of freedom of speech.

I am available for any clarification.

Sir, wrote to around 100 reporters of print & electronic media till date, no body is taking up this issue because they get huge amount in advertisements from TATAs. kindly help truth prevail by raising this issue in a big way.

Thanks and regards,
Nitya Nand

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