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“Women Should Be Given Importance in Party Responsibilities”: Jothimani Sennimalai

· Progressive parties are now seeing more women in parliamentary roles

· To empower women in politics, there’s a need for fundamental changes in the party structure.

Chennai – In an empowering address at ABP Network’s ‘The Southern Rising’ Summit, Jothimani Sennimalai, a Member of Parliament in the Lok Sabha (Congress), placed a spotlight on the importance of prioritizing women in pivotal party roles. During the enlightening session, “Women in Politics: A Different Kind of Leader,” Ms. Sennimalai’s insights not only ignited inspiration but also catalyzed transformative change.

Highlighting her personal journey, Ms. Sennimalai said, “From the time I contested panchayat elections 25 years ago till now, Politics has always been considered as a male-dominated arena. It’s been a continuous learning experience in the political realm. However, progressive parties are beginning to see more women in parliamentary roles.”

The challenges she faced and the triumphs she celebrated as a woman in Indian politics. She highlighted the importance of reservation for women. Adding to this she said – “For the last 70 years’ men have been going to parliament and legislatures. No one questioned them. But if only women contest the elections, they ask, what are you going to do? This is why reservation for women is necessary”.

Ms. Sennimalai further emphasized that– “To empower women in politics, there’s a need for fundamental changes in the party structure. At the party level, men are present in various positions starting from the local government to the district level. If such opportunities are given opportunities especially to women through that experience they can perform better even when they come to power”.

The session left an indelible mark, not only celebrating Ms. Sennimalai’s journey but also serving as a source of motivation for aspiring women leaders in politics. “In politics, women have to first fight for their gender, and then the issues follow so be brave and follow your instincts.” She concluded.

‘The Southern Rising’ Summit was conceptualized and instituted by ABP Network as a tribute to the exceptional growth, cultural opulence, and societal harmony exemplified by the southern states of India. It aims to celebrate the spirit and richness of southern states, united on a singular mission of driving a transformative journey for India. The summit thus witnesses profound deliberations and sharing of insights by the movers and shakers of South Indian states and Union Territories.

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