Destroying Kirana merchants the Bjp way

CAG, Enforcement directorate investigate this case. Destroying Kirana merchants the Bjp way. Bjp gov is deliberately not printing  RS 1000 notes. One for vastu and another for destroying kirana merchants all over india. Suppose you are going to buy a Cfl  bulb  with mrp 200 and u have rs 2000 note only. U will go to kirana merchant and He will give your cfl bulb  to you. But he has no change for rs 2000 note. So you will leave that shop and go go reliance or more or bigbazar( who fund BJP gov ), who have change for your rs 2000 note.

President of India should force RBI to print RS 1000 notes,  in numbers which  were present before noteban. Rs 2000 note should be banned as it helps build Black money, helps terrorism, helps in  counterfeiting notes. 12 year old childrens are taking printout of rs 2000 note and fooling  many shop owners, Forget about Isi.

President of India should also force Enforcement directorate or CAG to investigate that no rich person Stood in bank line to exchange old notes, so  did Bank managers took some commission and delivered New rs 2000 notes directly to  rich people, while ordinary people were standing in lines. Is this democracy, no it is anarchy.

I hope Cag and enforcement directorate would investigate how rich people without standing in linesConverted old notes to new rs 2000 notes, worth crores. CAG should also investigate entire Note ban benefits and demerits. If CAG sell itself for money then nobody can save indian economy.

MD Rizwan S
Unemployed Engineer.

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