BSP cadre’s horrible slogan ‘Dayashankar Singh- produce your daughter!’

Samar Anarya : BSP cadre’s slogan ‘Dayashankar Singh- produce your daughter’ is as horrible and abhorrent as it could ever get. But I look closely at the people so terribly hurt by this and wonder if these people ain’t the same one who dragged things to this point!  What else were they expecting with making a PM out of a man who put a ’50 Crore price tag’ to a woman- even if one leaves aside the misogyny of reducing her into someone’s girlfriend as a ‘cultural oversight’.

Ain’t these the same people, then, who retained a minister who had nonchalantly asked if Rajiv Gandhi would have married Sonia Gandhi if she was a Kali Aurat- a black woman- on camera? And that too despite the diplomatic uproar this misogynist racism had created in Africa!

Ain’t these the same people then who had retained another minister, a woman this time, who had reduced Delhi elections into a contest between Ramjades (sons of Lord Ram) and Haramzades (bastards)? Ain’t these the same people who, then, are trying to make a CM candidate out of someone who has called for raping and kidnapping ‘their’ women on camera, again?

Who sets the tone of debate, I feel like asking to these distressed Brahminical souls- leaders or the people. And can they blame the people once the leaders, their leaders, set the tone this low?

Yes the slogans are horrible. But then they are a Horror manufactured by YOU, morons. They are a horror inflicted on the country by those You, Morons, rallied behind. This is the ‘Horror’ that even You, morons, inflicted on the social media with rape threats with graphic details that you showered upon women journalists with impunity, and often encouragement, from your leaders.

Sadly, and despite having said it all, the slogans send a shiver down my spine. They scare me about the safety of ‘my women’ in your Developed India. My women, my mother, aunts, sisters, relatives, friends, girl friends, wife, the girl who occupied the seat in front of mine on the train to Bhopal I took a decade and a half ago as a just out of teens man and had a crush on despite not having the guts to ask for even her name, the woman who asked me if I could keep an eye on her belongings as she needed to take her son to washroom, again without asking for even my name.

My women have never had it good in this country- but they were never this unsafe, this exposed to vultures ready to pounce oh them just about anywhere either.
And you have brought it all to this point.

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