All EVM’s can be easily tampered!

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Protect our great Indian democracy from being bulldozed…. In India Don’t allow use of EVM to protect our Democracy. All EVM’s can be easily tampered. So say no to EVM. MCD elections would be won by Aam Admi Party. Reason, is simple, BjB wants to use tampered evm to win big state elections. If BjB uses tampered evm in Mcd elections , chances are that EVM fraud would be exposed. So Bjb wont use tampered Evm in MCd elections, but use them instead in coming state elections, and most importantly for 2019 Lok shabha elections.

Congress, Aap, Tmc, Jds etc should force Election commission to Abandom Evm completely. EC wont abandon evm, reason, Bambani is paying  thousands of crores of rupees. All opposition political parties should do hunger strike in front of Rashtrapati Bhavan  or Election commission ,  and abandon hunger strike once election commission gives written assurance that all Municipality, Mla, Mp election that is 2019 elections would be done using ballot paper only.

Opposition should also learn to voice indias concerns. Bjp gov banned thousands of ngo, and opposition did not raise their voice, why. This is not the only thing. All opposition parties force election commission  to conduct all municipality, state and 2019 Lok shaba elections using ballot paper only or get  erased from the face of india completely.

Election commission silly excuse about time in counting is idiotic.  If America, UK and Europe uses Ballot paper , then why cant India. Results would be declared late, so what, but Democracy would be saved. I challenge bjp if it has nothing to hide, then once again conduct UP elections with ballot paper. It wont, because it would loose badly.

Opposition unite and stand firmly to save democracy in india. I am also asking gandhi family to resign from  top position in congress and instead become  party primary members and serve congress. So called high command of congress gifted Manipur and goa to bjp. My assumption may be wrong, but I am writing this assumption to save india from dirty communalism.

It looks like ruling party is blackmailing Gandhi family. Sonia and Rahul are being threatened to send to jail, if they work properly for congress party, In national herald case. Son in law is being threatened to send to jail and property seized in land grab case. and his wife cant see india, but only amethi and bareily. May be Gandhi family is trying to protect its back, by doing worst possible work for congress.

I am kindly asking Gandhi family to leave major positions in congress, conduct party election and Give senior leaders like Sibbal, Tiwari, sanghvi, Azad, kharge, sharma  etc  party president and vice president posts. Our aim should be not to save congress, but to prevent india from caving into dirty communalism.

Jai hind.

From, Md Rizwan

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