Show cause notice to HSBC

Dear Sir/Madam,

Me and my 17 ex colleagues sent show cause notice ( pleas find the attached file ) date 12 December 2016 but till date didn’t received any reply from them. The present government is concerned about black money then why they are not taking any action against HSBC as please find my RTI to Ministry of Finance and their reply ( RTI to FM ). Similar rti I sent to RBI and IT Dept, RBI replied that ‘We do not have any information regarding the assessment made by Tax aothorities.’ and got more than 200 replies from IT dept stating that this charge don’t have the information.

Me and my ex colleague sent the complaint to RBI ( please find the attached file ) in month of September 2016 but they are not ready to take any action.

I opted vrs from HSBC in the year 2003 and got the letter from the bank on their letterhead about my pension and ROC amount ( please find the attached file ‘annuity letter from LIC of India ) but a person Mr. Firoz Aga and all other who opted vrs in year 2015 got the letter from LIC of India. I asked HSBC to explain regarding the same but they didn’t gave me any proper reply so I sent the email to Mr. Stuart Gulliver, CEO HSBC Group and Mr. Douglas Flint, Group Chairman. I got the reply from Mr. Douglas Flint on 18 Jan 2017 saying ‘ I am very sorry that you’ve had to contact me for your pension arrangements and senior manager within HSBC India will respond me as quickly as possible but till date didn’t received any reply from HSBC India.

Please find the attached copy ( letter handed over to HR manager of HSBC by my ex colleagues ) letter to HSBC regarding our issues. Point ‘E’ in the letter resolve by HSBC in January 2015 as late Mr. V. Todi died in October 2013. His after death dues paid by the bank to his nominees when we took the issue to Mr. Stuart Gulliver, Group CEO of HSBC as HSBC India was not ready to resolve the same. I am very much sure my nominee will not get the dues as after my death who is going to bang the head on ruthless HSBC.

I am requesting you please help us to resolve our issues..


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