VVPAT can easily do voter fraud in Indian Elections

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Indian political parties, central gov is again fooling you through vvpat machines. These machines can easily do frauds like Evm  and go undetected. All political parties do hunger strike in front of Parliament until gov is forced to ban evm, vvpat and EC agrees for paper ballot System only. Common VVPAT Frauds are:

Video of voter behavior during an actual election revealed that most voters do not “verify” their choices by reading the VVPAT.

A manual VVPAT recount/audit is labor-intensive and expensive, and likely unaffordable to most candidates seeking it.

And while VVPAT is designed to serve as a check on DRE (Direct Recording Electronic) vote recorders, it relies on the same proprietary programming and electronics to produce the audit trail, which may be tampered.

Security concerns:

The introduction of malicious software into a VVPAT system can cause it to intentionally misrecord the voter’s selections. This attack could minimize detection by manipulating only a small percentage of the votes or for only lesser known races.

Another security concern is that a VVPAT could print while no voter is observing the paper trail, a form of ballot stuffing. Even if additional votes were discovered through matching to the voters list, it would be impossible to identify legitimate ballots from fraudulent ballots.

Alternatively the printer could invalidate the printed record after the voter leaves and print a new fraudulent ballot. These ballots would be undetectable as invalidated ballots are quite common during elections. Also, VVPAT systems that are technically able to reverse the paper feed could be open to manipulated software overwriting or altering the VVPAT after the voter checks it.

Save Democracy in India. If EVM or VVPat is used in 2019 LS elections Bjb would get 450 seats. If paper ballot is used in 2019 electiuon Bjb would get only or less than 45 seats. Go for ballot papers only in elections , employ more gov servants in ballot paper counting.

Jai hind.

md rizwan siddiqui


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