आप भी जान लीजिए कि बैंक वाले क्यों हड़ताल पर हैं

: Strike on 10 & 12 Feb 2014 in PSU Banks:  Dear All, Just wanted to share something with u all- Please read full msg. Today many of u may be cursing BANKERS for Two days strike as u all may not be able to do your financial transactions. But Media – TV news n Newspapers have never told u full news why BANKERS are on Strike.

The Bankers all around the country gets very POOR SALARY – U all may be surprised that a new Clerk joining Bank Service at Present gets Gross Salary – Rs.12000- and an officer gets Rs.22000-

Bank employees salaries r increased after every FIVE ( 5 ) years and not as per other jobs where Employees gets annual Appraisals !

After 5 years Poor bank Employees have to beg for their right of salary increase against which they have to go on Strike for which their salary is deducted.

Bankers wage revision was due on Nov. 2012 but govt. did nothing and after doing various strikes Govt. offered bankers mere – 5 % increased which they improved to 9.5 % against inflation rate of 10 %.

On the contrary – Central Govt. Employees are already being Paid a handsome salary , their Salary increase is due in 2016 but due to vote bank Politics already a Committee is formed n instructed to consider increasing their salary as per Inflation rate n implement it immediately in 2016 .

Why this Partiality ?

Only because the Strength of Central Govt. Employees is very Large n hence helpful in Vote bank .

Central govt. Employees work 5 days week and they deal in non financial dealings where as we play with fire.
Media never discusses this thing in papers n tv news so People all around the country think negative about Bankers.

Please understand our reason for Strike .

It is Govt which is responsible for this strike and not we bankers as they have noy left any alternate for us .

Sorry for the Inconvenience caused to u people !


Amrendra Kishore

Senior Manager
Punjab National Bank

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