एकतरफा खबर छापने पर जागरण के मालिक संजय गुप्ता को भी पत्रकार पुष्प शर्मा ने लिखा पत्र

Dear Mr Sanjay, I dont know who has written this offensive article about my expose on BJP. Its purely biased and a deliberate attempt to create confusion about my latest work. Hope you shall place my answer and prove your brand is away from "Paid news" journalism.

Your article raises question on why I did this story? Reasons are mentioned below. Please place it with my response. Or else refer to this link


Operation Vakalatnama – Why I did this Expose ?

Let me make it amply clear that story … 'Expose on BJP MPs" was done purely based on facts. The motivation of doing any story is always purely journalistic. The story had no other motive except exposing the incredible vulnerability of MPs cum criminals. I used to meet family members of Sohrabuddin during Tehelka stint in 2010. Source took me deep and story unfolded.

Media professional tried hard to expose all three be it Pramod Muthalik , Baba Ramdev and Modi , later I found that others  taken non productive route to unearth the story so I taken different route and did the story journastically. We survive in media based on our work. Here excuses doesn’t exist rather execution matters like any other profession same its here.

While doing or post telecast story on Expose on BJP I told everyone that we were screening an investigative documentary. You should have seen what we were feeling [then]. We were very scared that the system shall take us under pressure because of  BJP and would pre-empt us,if they came to know the nature of the story. Yes we were extremely quiet and secretive.

As its assumed BJP did all his efforts which we can call 'damage control exercise' to place itself in the lights of dignity. It’s funny to see defense of BJP and at the same time, all of sudden Congress is all set to screen my story without giving me credit and take my prior permission.  They dont know how much sweat equity and hostile enviornment, an investigative journalist gets into.

On being asked as to what triggered the idea behind the story on BJP, I would like to say: "The first kernel of the idea came to me during state elections. There were photos of hundreds of people wearing a politician' masks and that terrified me, as to what happens when everyone tries to become one."

Case on me is worst defense as we all know how many hardcore criminals are sitting in parliament.  I would say, "Alright, let me assume that pushp is a very bad guy, also assume that pushp sharma is an awful chap, but does it take away the facts what have been shown?

Does it really matter?

Now BJP is all on putting allegations who so ever….. BJP in one who has been hit. They have every reason to lie. BJP is  lying about the tapes which are clear evidence. This is the time to further destroy their claims once I release more stuff part two of this same expose.

Please look at the facts. Look at the story. I m not the story!

I keep on saying.

BJP is trying to make me a story.

I may not be the solution; I m part of the solution. The media may not be the solution but the media is a part of the solution. We are certainly not the problem. The problem is what we have shown. Here is the problem. All the vested interests who have been hit are trying to make us a problem.

Another lie  …

When I had exposed Ramdev he had started rumor , which is in public domain that m one who has one case pending in Parliament street PS ….m afraid cops took same on face value of Ramdev and never countered this.

Anybody who spoke against them… they were branded as mafias, criminals, goons… they are foreign hands… this is so banal and ridiculous. Same thing happened with my former boss Tarun Tejpal when he was called foreign agent when he exposed BJP a decade before. BJP expose is a straight story.

Just because people are hit and hurt, they are trying to fly all kind of kites. And any good story should hurt people, and a good story should hurt people in power who are corrupt, if it doesn't then the story is no good.

If you ask me what effect has this had on you?

The biggest thing it has done is restore my faith in journalism. I had also forgotten how powerful it could be. In the last few weeks, more than 20 journalists have come to my office and told me: "Today I feel proud to be a journalist again."

Otherwise it's humbling because of the goodwill it has brought. It has triggered so many emotions in so many people. It's great. Lots of old people called up and said, "Son, God bless you. You have

पुष्प शर्मा
पुष्प शर्मा
done a good job."

I think this story has struck a chord in people. With every passing day the people in power will see the truth in the story.

To add further, it’s time to open few more chapter of same book so further exposes are expected soon.

I think criminals should be nailed be it parliament or in Khaki.


मूल खबर…

स्टिंग पर जागरण में लेख और पत्रकार पुष्प शर्मा का बयान

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