काटजू का सुझाव- प्रेस काउंसिल और बीईए की संयुक्त कोआर्डिनेशन कमेटी बने

: शाजी और एनके सिंह के लिखा पत्र : Dear Shazizji and N.K. Singhji, I suggest that a co-ordination committee be formed between the Press Council of India and the BEA consisting of 3 or more representatives of both bodies. This is to my mind necessary because media freedom has of late been imperilled in many parts of the country, and we should jointly fight against this dangerous trend,otherwise the situation may grow worse. In many parts of India physical attacks have taken place against media persons, while in many places media feedom has been jeopardized in other ways e.g by the government pressurizing the proprietor of the media to sack or transfer journalists who write or speak against the government or its Ministers or officers, etc.

I have been fighting for maintaining freedom of the media where it was threatened e.g. in J&K. Maharashtra, Bihar, Karnataka, Chattisgarh, U.P. West Bengal, etc. Although the Press Council deals only with the print media, I have been fighting for freedom of the electronic media too e.g. in Karnataka, J&K,Maharashtra, etc. There are also other issues which relate both to the print and electronic media which need to be discussed.

Please let me know at the earliest whether your body is agreeable to setting up such a Coordination Committee. If you can give me a reply soon I can place it in the next meeting of the full Press Council to be held in Lucknow from 26th to 28th March, and I am confident I will be able to persuade the Council to approve this proposal.


Justice Katju




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