केजरीवाल ने जो टेप सुनाए, उसे यहां पूरा सुनिए (रंजन भट्टाचार्या – नीरा राडिया संवाद)

जब अटल बिहारी वाजपेयी पीएम हुआ करते थे तो उनके दामाद रंजन भट्टाचार्या बड़े पावरफुल हुआ करते थे. नीरा राडिया देश की टाप लाबिस्ट हैं, जो टाटा समेत कई कंपनियों के लिए काम करती थीं, ताकि उन कंपनियों की हितों की रक्षा के लिए सरकार व नीतियों को प्रभावित किया जा सके. रंजन भट्टाचार्या से नीरा राडिया की बातचीत के दो टेप हैं, जिन्हें यहां अपलोड किया जा रहा है, साथ ही उनके बीच बातचीत का लिखित ब्योरा (ट्रांसक्रिप्ट) भी प्रकाशित किया जा रहा है. अरविंद केजरीवाल ने आज इन्हीं रंजन भट्टाचार्या का यह टेप प्रेस कांफ्रेंस में सुनाकर बताया कि किस तरह मुकेश अंबानी और उनके लोग कांग्रेस को अपनी दुकान मानते हैं और इन्हीं मुकेश अंबानी के हितों की रक्षा के लिए भाजपा शासनकाल में भी खूब पक्षधर नीतियां बनती थीं. -यशवंत, एडिटर, भड़ास4मीडिया

टेप नंबर एक

Ranjan Bhattacharya: (Coughs) Hi!

Niira Radia: You’re not well?

Ranjan Bhattacharya: I have a cough.

Niira Radia: Oh, dear me.

Ranjan Bhattacharya: (Coughs)

Niira Radia: Your friend Sunil Mittal…

Ranjan Bhattacharya: Hmmm…

Niira Radia: He’s lobbying against Raja.

Ranjan Bhattacharya: He’s lobbying against Raja?!

Niira Radia: And he’s pushing Maran.

Ranjan Bhattacharya: Sunil to just arrived last night.

Niira Radia: Nahii, he was working in the background.

Ranjan Bhattacharya: Achha, because he called me yesterday… day before… he actually was in London, he just met my daughter, he asked me are you also there? I said, don’t be silly yaar. Achcha. So he’s lobbying against Raja for Maran?

Niira Radia: He’s making a mistake because woh Cabinet mein Telecom to siraf Raja ke paas jayega. [In this Cabinet, Telecom is only going to go to Raja]

Ranjan Bhattacharya: But tell me – ah, how is the PM reacting? Because till this morning…

Niira Radia: PM has said nothing on this – it's just Navika Kumar who has gone overboard on the say-so of Virat Bhatia, vis a vis Maran and Sunil Mittal (inaudible).

Ranjan Bhattacharya: No no, say it again, sorry?

Niira Radia: You see Navika in Times Now is working on the DL for Virat Bhatia.

Ranjan Bhattacharya: Who is Virat Bhatia?

Niira Radia: Viraj Bhatia is an AT&T guy, and also he used to be the pointman for Maran in Delhi.

Ranjan Bhattacharya: Oh that tall boy?

Niira Radia: Tall boy.

Ranjan Bhattacharya: Ah.

Niira Radia: So he’s always been Maran’s PR machinery when Maran was candidate, (inaudible)

Ranjan Bhattacharya: I see, no but…

Niira Radia: He introduced him to all his relationships to the Telecom journalists.

Ranjan Bhattacharya: But tell me… He’s the… not the old man… the final authority on…?

Niira Radia: He is, but the Old Man’s got stuck. I'll tell you what he did. He’s sent five names to Congress on Monday, which was Railways for Maran, Power for Baalu, Telecom for Raja, Surface for Azhagiri…

Ranjan Bhattacharya: For what? Who?

Niira Radia: Surface for Azhagiri, his son…

Ranjan Bhattacharya: Ah, Azhagiri…

Niira Radia: And Health for Kanni, and he’d indicated that Kanni can be Health or Environment and Forests in the independent capacity.

Ranjan Bhattacharya: MoS, huh?

Niira Radia: MoS. He knew that Railways would never get accepted and he knew that Power would not get accepted.

Ranjan Bhattacharya: Okay.

Niira Radia: He’d also given the indication that he was under pressure from his family.

Ranjan Bhattacharya: (chuckles)

Niira Radia: So one is committing suicide in one house, another is committing suicide in another house. And I would have thought that the Congress would have been a bit more smarter, by not pushing Maran’s case all by themselves.

Ranjan Bhattacharya: Right.

Niira Radia: So all this media blitz that they didn’t do anything about from day one, they made this case for Raja and Baalu.

Ranjan Bhattacharya: Hm…

Niira Radia: But as far Karunanidhi was concerned he cannot say no to Raja, because Raja is a Dalit.

Ranjan Bhattacharya: Yeah, yeah

Niira Radia: He needs to bring him into the Cabinet.

Ranjan Bhattacharya: No, and plus everyone else will say saale khaalii apne parivar ko de diya aur kisii kaa kuchh kiyaa nahii… [Everyone will say you took your share, gave it to your family and as for everyone else…]

Niira Radia: Hanh, and Raja uskaa aadmi hain. [Yes, and Raja is his man] All the sons like him, everybody likes him, amenable hain to the party and most trusted aadmii hai. Usko kaun nikalenge? [Who will remove him?]

Ranjan Bhattacharya: Right.

Niira Radia: Woh jyo bhi karle, Sunil Mittal jo bhii kar le, usko koi nahi nikalenge. [Let him do anything. Nobody will remove him.] To which Karunanidhi told Ghulam Nabi Azad, Raja will be my Telecom IT Minister, Prime Minister said I have no problem with that.

Ranjan Bhattacharya: Mmhmm.

Niira Radia: When all the blitz was going on, yesterday I spoke to Karunanidhi, I said why are you doing this?

Ranjan Bhattacharya: Mmm.

Niira Radia: Sunil ka naam tho aa hi gaya. [Sunil’s name came up]

Ranjan Bhattacharya: Mmhmm.

Niira Radia: A lot of people don’t want him, and all that, this that and the other. Then I made Barkha call up Congress, and get a statement from Congress whether the Prime Minister had actually said he doesn’t want Baalu and…

Ranjan Bhattacharya: Yeah, yeah.

Niira Radia: She carried that he had never said it.

Ranjan Bhattacharya: Yes, I read that.

Niira Radia: Now the Congress has issued another statement saying that they’re not talking, they never really talked about people.

Ranjan Bhattacharya: Mm mm.

Niira Radia: The problem is that Azhagiri is a pretty large, big leader from the South.

Ranjan Bhattacharya: Yeah.

Niira Radia: You know he himself carries a lot of weight in the party.

Ranjan Bhattacharya: Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Niira Radia: (inaudible) Baalu aur Raja ko keh raha thaa that if Baalu and Raja get Cabinet, I have no problem getting MoS.

Ranjan Bhattacharya: Who – this is Azhagiri?

Niira Radia: Azhagiri. And Kanni and I can both be MoS. I have no problem, provided it is not Maran.

Ranjan Bhattacharya: It is not Maran. Right.

Niira Radia: If Maran becomes Cabinet, then I must get Cabinet, that is why you got four.

Ranjan Bhattacharya: Mm, mm.

Niira Radia: And the problem is that. (pause) But Congress is stupid – they should have just given a message very very clearly…. it’s Karunanidhi’s fault. That –

Ranjan Bhattacharya: Niira, just hang on, you’re breaking up, I’m going through this area, one minute. (pause) Hanh, can you hear me?

Niira Radia: Ha, I can hear you.

Ranjan Bhattacharya: Ruko, TuuT rahaa hai… ek minute ruko, ek minute ruko.

(Recording ends)

टेप नंबर दो–

Ranjan Bhattacharya: Oh okay, so let me understand what you are saying… the family guys are okay to get MoS, more or less.

Niira Radia: Both the…

Ranjan Bhattacharya: Provided, provided this Maran boy does not get cabinet… right?

Niira Radia: Correct, correct.

Ranjan Bhattacharya: And they are best, there are people outside the family and outside the Congress who are pushing for Maran, right?

Niira Radia: And Sunil Mittal’s name is one of them.

Ranjan Bhattacharya: Listen I, I mean talking to Sunil is no point because obviously he has got this thing. Between you and me, I have a great line to Ghulam Nabi, for whatever he counts.

Niira Radia: I have been sending him a message since morning, I told Mukesh also to speak to him and tell him to speak to Kani, because Kani will take him directly to her father. They really spoiled it for themselves because they could have got away with two cabinet berths.

Ranjan Bhattacharya: Ab unke tiin dene paRenge

Niira Radia: Ab tiin dene paRenge. Yeh Baalu ko bhi drop karvaa sakte thhe kyuunki unhe keh sakte thhe Thiik hai, now they have to go through the whole process of three. They will have to be… again this whole argument that will happen, ke tiin mein kaun include ho. Raja include hogaa, Azhagiri include hogaa, Maran ko include karenge, toh baki tumhaare Tamil leaders jo is baari elections jiit ke aayenge voh kahenge hamara kya hogaa?

Ranjan Bhattacharya: I mean exactly aur yeh toh biich mein bhag gayaa thha

Niira Radia: Maran was the big challenge, and not because I do not like the guy, but genuinely that was a big problem. Maran kept on saying that both Ghulam Nabi Azad and Ahmed Patel have said to him that he, they want him to be in the Cabinet and that he is the only who is an acceptable face.

Ranjan Bhattacharya: I do not think. How can a Congress guy, I mean if somebody had told me PM has said it or Sonia said it… How can a Ghulam Nabi Azad or Ahmed Patel insist on [it]? It is like saying aapke ghar mein main tai karun

Niira Radia: Unhone insist nahiiN kiyaa hai, unhone kahaa hai humko Congress ko kya acceptable hai woh hai Dayanidhi Maran, so Karunanidhi got awfully confused. The second thing that came up with Congress… said well but Karunanidhi took Maran with him to the UPA meeting, that is because Kani had disappeared somewhere else, visited somewhere else, and he does not consider woh toh Chennai mein kissi ko bhi apne saath le jaata hai

Ranjan Bhattacharya: Exactly, aisaa kyaa hai, usse koi angrezi, ungrezi samajhne waala bhi chahiye

Niira Radia: Toh usko isliye le ke gayaa thha kyuunki Baalu nahin thha. Kani was not available. Well, he had not, and no one person has been appointed to negotiate, Maran is not the point person to negotiate.

Ranjan Bhattacharya: Achcha aisa hai, yeh toh abhi jaa raha hai apni swearing-in pe, meri abhi kisi se baat hui toh Ghulam, GNA, is being sworn in, naa [It is like this, he is going for his swearing-in, I just spoke to someone, Ghulam, GNA is being sworn in, no].

Niira Radia: What is he getting?

Ranjan Bhattacharya: Bhai, they are not admitting it, mil toh raha hai aur usko liya bhi iss liye jaa raha hai, he is getting Parliamentary Affairs basically. Being a senior guy, he will be basically Parliamentary Affairs Minister… only has job for three months, nau mahiine kya karegaa. So he is lobbying for something, but abhii tak inhone tai toh nahin kiya

Niira Radia: Tell them to give him aviation, Praful ko baahar rakho

Ranjan Bhattacharya: Nahin, Praful ne toh raat ko itna drama kiyaa; apparently, they toh at midnight jaa ke Praful ko aviation bolaa hai, par Praful ki aaj swearing-in nahin hai

Niira Radia: Yeah, I know that.

Ranjan Bhattacharya: Inki sabki Tuesday ki hai.

Niira Radia: MoS hai.

Ranjan Bhattacharya: MoS hai, independent.

Ranjan Bhattacharya: Aur mujhko Ramesh Sharma called up bahut achcha hai hamare Anand Sharma ho rahein hain, my information is Anand Sharma nahin hain

Niira Radia: Anand Sharma hai isme

Ranjan Bhattacharya: Nahin hai, yeh sab media ne…

Niira Radia: Mujhe Mukesh ne bola

Ranjan Bhattacharya: Chalo dekhte hain, mere ko nahiiN lagtaa hai

Niira Radia: Elevated to Cabinet.

Ranjan Bhattacharya: Nahin, Cabinet, par abhii aaj uskaa abhii media chalaa rahaa hai at least tiin ghante pehle tak naa usko chithhi aai thhi, naa Mukul Wasnik ko chithhi aai thhi

Niira Radia: Achcha

Ranjan Bhattacharya: But I don’t know.

Niira Radia: …

Ranjan Bhattacharya: So is Mukesh happy with…?

Niira Radia: Very happy.

Ranjan Bhattacharya: (Laughs) You know what he told me.

Niira Radia: What?

Ranjan Bhattacharya: He tells me, he says, you know, he is in his usual style, kya kyo, I told him ‘Mera chhodo, kya kyo, aapko kya hai

Niira Radia: Hmm

Ranjan Bhattacharya: He says, Sir, theek hai. I said, Mukesh, once in a while show some bloody emotion. Aapka to sab kaam ho gaya (all your work’s been done).

Niira Radia: Hmm.

Ranjan Bhattacharya: Motu nahin aaya, yeh nahin hua (fatty didn’t make it). He replied, ‘Haan yaar, you know Ranjan, you’re right, ab to Congress apni dukaan hai (now the Congress is our shop).’

Niira Radia: (Laughs) Why has Bhardwaj not come in?

Ranjan Bhattacharya: Who?

Niira Radia: Bhardwaj?

Ranjan Bhattacharya: Who is not coming, sorry?

Niira Radia: Bhardwaj, Bhardwaj

Ranjan Bhattacharya: I cannot understand, sorry.

Niira Radia: Bhardwaj, law minister.

Ranjan Bhattacharya: Bharadwaj! Oh yeah, he has done such a lot of kabaaRaa, and especially in those two cases now where CBI then botched it up in both the DA ke assets. These are all under law ministries' instructions, so they are pretty pissed off with him. I think they are also now getting in the core guys and then the youngsters, but now I wonder who will get law; will Kapil get it, I dunno?

Niira Radia: I wonder, I wonder, maybe Kapil only.

Ranjan Bhattacharya: Um, hmm?

Niira Radia: Maybe.

Ranjan Bhattacharya: But lawyer toh wohi hai par

Niira Radia: Oh yes. No, Ranjan, when you speak to Ghulam, you should tell him that they really messed it up, haan?

Ranjan Bhattacharya: No, so now basically you want me to convey ki aap Kanimozhi ke through jaa ke buddhe ko seedha milo, yai hai na.

Niira Radia: Agar tum log jo list tumhe bheji thhi uspe agar Baalu or Maran ko mana kar dete toh tumhaaraa problem solve ho jaataa

Ranjan Bhattacharya: Bhai, ab toh woh nahin hua toh ab kya karna hai

Niira Radia: Abhi unko Kanimozhi ke paas they have to call her and go directly and meet Karunanidhi. They have to relay two things, they do not want to give infrastructure to Baalu or Maran.

Niira Radia: They have no issue where Raja is concerned, kyuunki unhe pataa hi hai even if they have an issue, the old man is going to bring Raja; he is very clear about that. So don’t antagonise him, because he has got Dalit as now they will have to give Azhagiri one, Raja one and one maybe they will give to another leader from Tamil Nadu, or they will, just so that they keep this whole controversy out, they will give it to Baalu only, and then drop Maran altogether and give Kani an independent charge.

Ranjan Bhattacharya: So Azhagiri independent charge or Cabinet, they are okay with it.

Niira Radia: Azhagiri in Cabinet because tiin ho gayaa toh Azhagiri ko denaa hi paRegaa

Ranjan Bhattacharya: Okay, but this will happen only late, it will only happen late night.

Niira Radia: Yeah, but if they keep Maran out, maybe they will be able to still get away with two.

Ranjan Bhattacharya: Oh, okay.

Niira Radia: Which will then make this guy come out quite well … Karunanidhi, saying, ‘Forget about what the channels are saying about me, or Jayalalitha is saying, both my children are taking MoS independent and I am bringing Baalu and Raja to be the cabinet ministers, they are not my family.’

Ranjan Bhattacharya: Okay, now listen, I mean GNA channel is there, if I send word straight to SG, is that better?

Niira Radia: SG is… kaun?

Ranjan Bhattacharya: (Laughs) SG is SG boss.

Niira Radia: Oh, beg your pardon, sorry I didn’t get, haan yeah, yeah, bhijwaa doh

Ranjan Bhattacharya: Because that then I can achieve in the morning. I am meeting somebody.

Niira Radia: Par tum isko GNA ko bhi bol doh [you tell this to GNA as well], he is handling Tamil Nadu.

Ranjan Bhattacharya: I know, Thiik hai

Niira Radia: Tell him they are being misled by this guy Maran.

Ranjan Bhattacharya: Okay.

नीरा राडिया के अन्य टेप्स सुनने के लिए जो भड़ास के पास उपलब्ध हैं, यहां क्लिक करें…

संपूर्ण नीरा कथा

ये भी पढ़ें–
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