चुनाव आयोग को यशस्वी यादव की शिकायत की जांच शुरू

चुनाव आयोग ने सामाजिक कार्यकर्ता डॉ नूतन ठाकुर द्वारा आईपीएस अफसर यशस्वी यादव के नीली बत्ती लगी सरकारी गाडी में लखनऊ स्थित समाजवादी पार्टी मुख्यालय में जाने सम्बन्धी कथित घटना की शिकायत का संज्ञान लिया है और उनके आदेश पर राजेश कुमार, एसपी पूर्वी, लखनऊ द्वारा इस मामले की जांच शुरू कर दी गयी है. 

शिकायत के अनुसार एक प्रकाशित समाचार में कहा गया कि 18 मार्च को एक पुलिस अफसर सादे ड्रेस में सरकारी गाडी से सपा दफ्तर में एक बड़े बैग के साथ गए थे और कुछ देर बाद बिना बैग के दफ्तर से वापस आये थे जिसकी तरह-तरह की चर्चा हो रही थी. डॉ ठाकुर ने इस सम्बन्ध में अपने स्तर से जानकारी हासिल कर चुनाव आयोग को पूर्व एसएसपी कानपुर यशस्वी यादव की शिकायत की थी. 

संलग्न- पत्र की प्रति


The Chief Election Commissioner and other Election Commissioners,

The Election Commission of India,

New Delhi

Subject- Complaint as regards alleged serious misconduct by an IPS officer in UP

                I, Dr Nutan Thakur, a RTI activist, working in the field of transparency and accountability in governance, present before you a case where there seems to be clear and blatant misconduct by an IPS officer against the service conduct rules and also against various election related laws, which needs your immediate attention.

The matter came in prominence through a news article in Lucknow edition of “Navbharat Times” Hindi daily on 19/03/2014. Marked “Off the record” the news article titled “Police Afsar ke us bag me kya tha” said that on Tuesday (18/03/2014) evening, a vehicle having blue beacon on it entered the Headquarters of Samajwadi Party. A police officer in civvies who was recently transferred from a big city due to certain incidents happening there came out of this vehicle. He entered the Party office with a huge bag which was taken to an adjacent room. He later emerged from the office without this bag. The news article said that the entire circumstances were extremely suspicious, particularly because of the big bag and because of the officer going to a Party office.

I personally enquired into this matter through my personal sources and came to to be told through extremely reliable sources that the narrated facts are completely correct. I have been told that the officer being talked off is Sri Yashaswi Yadav, IPS, who till recently was the SSP, Kanpur Nagar. The time of this incidence was allegedly around 6 to 7 PM on 18/03/2014 and the officer stayed in the Party headquarters for about 30-35 minutes. As per my information, he had come in on official vehicle with a blue beacon on it. There were many other people there at that time including many journalists.

 As can be easily understood from the above facts, each of them comes under the category of improper conduct/misconduct under the service conduct rules for an IPS officer. They also come as misconduct under the various election laws, considering the fact that presently the Lok Sabha elections are under way in the entire country, including UP.   

Hence, I request you to immediately enquire into my complaint presented here in light of the news article enclosed along with and take all necessary action as per the various provisions of law, either at your own end or by issuing appropriate directions to the concerned officers of the Union and the State government.


Dr Nutan Thakur)
5/426, Viram Khand,
Gomti Nagar, Lucknow
Copy to- 1. Sri Umesh Sinha, Chief Election Officer, Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow
2. Principal Secretary (Home), Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow
3. Director General of Police, Uttar Pradesh, Lucknow

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