ट्विटर पर सवाल- राजदीप सरदेसाई अपने चैनलों के छंटनी के शिकार कर्मियों के पक्ष में क्यों खड़े नहीं हो रहे?

नेटवर्क18 समूह के न्यूज चैनलों सीएनएन-आईबीएन और आईबीएन7 में करीब साढ़े चौर सौ कर्मचारियों की छंटनी की खबर पूरे देश में फैल चुकी है पर मीडिया वाले चुप्पी साधे हुए हैं. केवल द हिंदू अखबार ने यह खबर प्रकाशित की है. बाकी सारी चर्चा ट्विटर व फेसबुक पर हो रही है. ट्विटर पर लोगों ने सवाल उठाना शुरू कर दिया है कि आखिर राजदीप सरदेसाई चुप क्यों हैं, वे क्यों नहीं छंटनी के शिकार अपने चैनलों के कर्मियों के पक्ष में खड़े हो रहे हैं और क्यों नहीं इस वक्त अपने साथियों के साथ भाईचारा का प्रदर्शन कर रहे हैं? ट्विटर पर से कुछ ट्विट यहां दिए जा रहे हैं…

Doc JG onion ‏@_defibrillator 57s

Network 18 sinks.the question is how come NDTV is surviving in this hostile competitive environment.. secret kya hai??

Abishek Chopra ‏@abishekchopra 2m

In these tough economic times inflicted on us by #UPA rule, Network 18 feels the pinch. Downsizes 350+ staff. Will the queen be "upset" now?

Sunil Shibad ‏@sshibad 3m

Network 18 tops India Twitter trends: Network 18 to massively ‘downsize staff, cut costs’

Sir Ravindra Jadeja ‏@SirJadeja 3m

Network 18 to massively ‘downsize staff, cut costs’. Seems like Congress (UPA) have stopped funding them. Is NDTV next?

Shuvankar Mukherjee ‏@shuvankr 4m

Saddest things for sacked Network 18 journalists are: House mortgaged, Car loans, and a family to support.

Akhilesh Mishra ‏@amishra77 3h

One of the questions raging among sacked employees at Network 18 group -why did @sardesairajdeep not stand up for them and their livelihood?

Akshay Madane ‏@madaneakshay 2m

#CNNIBN aaj ho raha hai bharat nirman…. Can we Face d nation program or indian @ 9 on sacking of employees of network 18 group.

Abishek Chopra ‏@abishekchopra 2m

While Network 18 employees are left gathering the remnants of their shattered jobs, the disgraceful editor-in-chief sheds a crocodile tear.

Tajinder Pal S Bagga ‏@tajinderbagga 2m

RT "@visaraj: We may not agree with Network 18 Journalists but spare a thought for those who lost their jobs today."

Shuvankar Mukherjee ‏@shuvankr 1m

Ambani just handed us, 390 possible whistle-blowers from Network 18.. Welcome to our world.

Sumit Nagpal ‏@Sumit_Nagpal 3h

I feel the pain of each one of 350 employees sacked from Network 18 group. Journalists speak for everyone but no one speaks for them.

Rahul Kaushik ‏@kaushkrahul 5h

Barkha-Bahaar aayi! MT @sureshnakhua: Sources suggest Network 18 grp has gv pink slip to sister of a alleged celebrity journo type of rival

सुरेश नाखुआ ‏@sureshnakhua 5h

Sources suggest tht Network 18 grp has gvn pink slip to alleged sister of a alleged celebrity journo type of a rival channel

Kunāl Majumder ‏@kunalmajumder 5h

350 employees sacked from Network 18

Devinder Sharma ‏@Devinder_Sharma 15h

Can't TV channels cut costs by cutting the pay/perk packages of their top brass? Why axe the lower employees? http://bit.ly/15KxJN0

Kiran Kumar Khurana ‏@KK_Khurana_AAP 15h

Network18 to massively downsize staff,cut costs:*It would now have only loyals of Sr Ambani.loyal dogs bark well!

Narayanan ‏@visaraj 31m

We may not agree with Network 18 Journalists but spare a thought for those who lost their jobs today.

Rahul Kaushik ‏@kaushkrahul 1h

Mukesh bhai at work! RT @nationalizer: What happened to Network 18 suddenly ?

Subir Arora ‏@subweiser 31s

Only Wish the Ambanis had the intelligence to let Sagarika Ghose go and save the Jobs of 450 hardworking employees of Network 18

vandana priya prasad ‏@bornBohemian 3m

Tortured by mindless,rude debates,I ws already missing good journalism on News chanells.Massive downsizing in Network 18 looks like bad news

abandraite ‏@abandraite 3m

network 18 downfall. should 've seen it coming when rogues like udyan mukherjee was kicked out. these bunch deserve no mercy. fry 'em all

LalPari ‏@shivanimehra86 4m

Lay off is the new Fuck Off #jobs – Network 18

Rahul K ‏@peanutbut 8m

Friend's entire floor almost wiped out at Network 18. Sad.

Siddharth Sid ‏@Indigoez 16m

We may nt agree with Network 18 Journos but it really saddens many lost their jobs today. At the end of d day v all r human beings #tv18

Sameer Gogate ‏@sam_gogate 16m

feeling bad abt network 18 news….losing job is nt good..

K Rev ‏@krev1986 4m

Network 18 layoffs,WTF they don't represent journalism they represent marketing—damn the cost increased

Ishwinderjit ‏@ishwinderjit 6m

Sales of liquor jumps , as the axed employees of Network 18 are thronging the wine shops.

vandana priya prasad ‏@bornBohemian 2m

Reading about restructuring on Network 18. Downsizing may not be that bad a news then!

Sumo ‏@SumeetCJ 54s

Network 18 trending at #2. Journalists of this group did so much for the govt. Wen they got sacked, none of their masters came to their help

Abishek Chopra ‏@abishekchopra 2m

Media praises #UPA. UPA inflicts its wrath on the economy. Economic toll puts Network 18 in turmoil. Life comes full circle.

RajeevNagpal ‏@Rajeevnagpal 3m

Bharat Nirman ke side effects! RT @kunalmajumder: 350 employees sacked from Network 18

Abishek Chopra ‏@abishekchopra 4m

Network 18 feeling the crunch of the same government's policies it praised for a decade.

Shuvankar Mukherjee ‏@shuvankr 4m

Once @sagarikaghose told @madhutrehan in an interview that Ambani does not interfere in day-2-day matters of Network 18 She is proved wrong.

Ishart Ke Pappa ‏@tusharbent 55s

Tsunami at Network 18 ; Dear owners whatever u decide there, plz throw this @ashutoshibn7 out of public eyes

Ankit Lal ‏@ankitlal 27m

The cost cutting in Network18 started with removal of Coffee machine nd seems it ws followed by removing everyone who opposed its removal.

Ankit Lal ‏@ankitlal 57m

300 out of 1000 employees of Network18 given Pink slip. Many senior journos get the boot.

Akhilesh Mishra ‏@amishra77 4h

Apparently another suggestion in Network18 group – will Editor in Chief work on no salary till sacked employees find another job?

Sushobhan ‏@sushobhan 7h

If u r rejoicing at Network 18 job losses b be ready for the day u lose yours.

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