पढ़िए, क्या कहते हैं अरुण पुरी और विनोद मेहता तेजपाल के बारे में

तहलका के पूर्व एडिटर-इन-चीफ तरुण तेजपाल पर अपनी महिला सहकर्मी के द्वारा लगाए गए यौन शोषण के आरोपों पर मीडिया जगत के दो बड़े दिग्गजों इंडिया टुडे के अरुण पुरी और आउटलुक के विनोद मेहता ने अपनी-अपनी पत्रिका में तेजपाल के बारे में लिखा है. दोनों ने तरुण के अपने साथ काम किए जाने का भी जिक्र किया है.
गौरतलब है कि तहलका शुरू करने से पहले तरुण तेजपाल इंडिया टुडे और आउटलुक में काम कर चुके हैं. इंडिया टुडे में उनके पास बुक पेज का चार्ज था जबकि आउटलुक में तेजपाल मैनेजिंग एडिटर रहे थे. इंडिया टुडे के ताजा अंक में तरुण तेजपाल को पत्रिका के फुल कवर पेज पर जगह मिली है जबकि आउटलुक ने उन्हें कवर पेज पर ही किनारे जगह दी है. पढ़िए क्या कहते हैं अरुण पुरी और विनोद मेहता तेजपाल के बारे में-
Aroon Purie, editor-in-chief of India Today:
“Tarun Tejpal worked in this magazine 25 years ago for six years. Dare I say I liked him. He was a talented writer and knew it. In today’s terms, a ‘real dude’.
“Even at the age of 25 when I interviewed him for the job of a senior sub-editor he had an intellectual swagger about him and unabashed literary ambitions…. When he resigned in July 1994, Tarun was honest enough to say that there ere “only so many essays and reviews I can churn out before ennui drowns me.
“Everyone has their own theory on why a man of such intellect, talent and success ended up being charged with sexual assault. Mine is a simple one. It is the ‘God’ complex which I have seen in so many talented men. They reach such heights of success that they live in their own world and think the normal rules of social behaviour don’t apply to them, neither do the laws of the land.”
Vinod Mehta, editorial chairman, Outlook:
“TarunTejpal was my deputy at Outlook for nearly six years. Professionally, his contribution to the magazine was immense….
“To say I do not endorse Tarun’s conduct would make me sound like a lunatic.  How can I, even tangentially, defend sexual molestation? Tarun has committed a horrific blunder and compounded it with clumsy efforts to vilify the victim….
“The abuse of power in the media, especially in the higher echelons, is rampant. Editors sexually exploit and harass trainees and junior staff with a crudity which is unbelievably cynical. The threat is always the same: if the girl “cooperates” she not only keeps her job but enjoys rapid promotion. If she doesn’t she is shown the door.
“It is the worst kept secret in our profession but it dare not speak its name. Some of the biggest luminaries in Indian journalism stand accused. Who they are is known both inside and outside the trade. The shameful silence needs to be broken.”

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