प्रदीप नांबियार ने जहीर अहमद द्वारा खुद का नाम लिए जाने पर जताई आपत्ति

Dear Yashwantji, I am surprised by Zaheer ahmed owner lemon tv claim that i am behind his sexcapdes. Zaheer solely responsible for his acts. Wish to state that…

1) As information received the letter of tribal woman of sexual exploitation is equivalent to FIR. Tribal women's confession have been recorded by various tv channels.

2) If Zaheer Ahmed has committed the act- it is between zaheer-tribal women -police,  I have no role in it

3) I have never advised Zaheer to commit the atrocities on tribal women

4) Knowing Zaheer, he has a criminal prescedent background

5) Lemon tv and Zaheer calling "tribals" 'asamajik tatva' invites atrocities act. Which he should be aware.

6) There are reports that Zaheer is engaging in destruction of evidence and cover up, which is it self a crime.

7) Police sources have informed that zaheer's police custody will be sought shortly.

8) As a legal practioner iam duty bound to give legal help to anyone who approaches me.

Pradeep Nambiar



संबंधित खबरें…

जहीर अहमद पर यौन शोषण के आरोपों को लेमन टीवी की तरफ से निराधार बताया गया


चैनल वन और लेमन टीवी के मालिक जहीर अहमद के खिलाफ यौन शोषण का केस, महिलाओं ने किया प्रदर्शन

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