महाराष्ट्र के सीएम ने जस्टिस काटजू के पत्र का दिया जवाब

Dear Justice Katju, This is in response to your email message dated 19/11/2012 in the matter of arrest of Ms. Shaheen Dhada and Ms. Rini Srinivasan residents of Palgarh, District Thane by the Police on 18/11/2012. Inspector General of Police, Konkan Range has been advised to enquire in to the matter.

He has been asked to submit his report within two days as regards the nature of offence, and the circumstances leading to the arrest of the above persons.

The State Government has taken the matter in all seriousness and strict action will be taken against the defaulting personnel, in case a default is established in the enquiry.

According to the first information received from the Home Department, a complaint was lodged by the local residents of the Palgarh in the police station regarding the comments of Ms. Shaheen Dhada on the Facebook.The local police station arrested Ms. Dhada and Ms. Srinivasan after registering an offence u/s 295 A of the IPC, and 66 A of the Information Technology Act. They were later released on bail.

In a later incidence of vandalising the hospital of a relative of Ms. Shaheen Dhada, the police has arrested nine persons. Appropriate action against the persons responsible for the arrest of the girls will be taken upon getting the enquiry reports of the Inspector General of Police, Konkan Range.

With Regards,

Yours sincerely,

(Prithviraj Chavan)

Chief Minister Maharashtra

Date : 20/11/2012

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