मेरी पत्नी बेवफा है, अब मुझे दूसरों के जरिए डराती-धमकाती है, मेरी मदद करें

Respected Sir/Madam, Subject- Telephonic Harassment and life-threatning to me and my family at odd hours… With deep regret, I wish to inform you as under and request your immediate intervention in the matter :  My name is Vinay Srivastava and I have been residing in the mumbai since last seven years. I got married on 23rd Jan 2013 at Vardora, Gujarat to Ms Pallavi Sinha with the consent of both our parents.  It was an arranged marriage through Shaadi.com In less than a week after my marriage, my wife started behaving in a very strange manner and picked up quarrels with me on petty issues.

I started receiving phone calls from unknown people accusing and abusing me of forcefully marrying Ms Pallavi (my wife) and threatening me of dire consequences. On further scrutiny, I realized that the phone calls were spoofed and were not from the persons who were the owners of the SIM / Mobile number.  This came to my knowledge when I returned the call, it was picked up someone else, who had no knowledge of the call being made from his/her number.

Later the same person kept calling my mother & my married sister on their mobile phones and hurling abuses on them. On enquiring with my wife, she denied having any relationship with anyone or having given mine or my family members phone numbers to anyone else. As the phone calls never stopped for over two months, I had no option but to file a FIR with Saki Naka Police Station on 24th March, 2013.

On 1st April, 2013, one person posing as a policemen came to my office at Marol Pipeline, Andheri East and alleged that I was ‘harassing’ a lady regularly and warned me of dire consequences if I did not stop immediately. He further stated that a complaint has been lodged in the police station against me by that person.  He however refused to divulge further details as to where the complaint was lodged and who the lady I was ‘harassing’ was.

During the period, I and my family members continued to receive calls at odd hours of the night.  The caller used abusive and unprintable language on the phone.  Again on 7th May, 2013, two persons came to my office and abused me of repeatedly ‘harassing’ a lady with no roots of the allegation.  They created a big ruckus in my office and my office staff had to intervene to diffuse the situation. The entire episode has been captured in CCTV camera installed in my office.

Unable to bear the humility, I once again lodged a complaint with MIDC Police Station on the same day i.e. 7th May 2013.  On 9th May, I lodged a complaint with Cyber Police Station at Bandra Kurla Complex disclosing all the numbers on the incoming calls to me and my family members. Since there was no respite from the obnoxious calls/SMSes, I once again lodged a complaint with Cyber Police Station at BKC on 22nd May 2013.

On further investigation by Cyber Police Station through CDR, they tumbled upon a number +91 937XXXXX71 which belonged to one Mr Anil Rai who apparently was a senior class mate of my wife at Siddhant College of Engineering, Pune. It has further come to my knowledge that this person was behind the numerous calls to me and my family members with the connivance of my wife Pallavi who helped him with the phone numbers of my family members and my office address.

My wife Pallavi apparently was in a relationship with Mr Anil Rai and continued to be friendly with him even after her marriage to me. On interrogation with my wife about her relationship with Anil Rai, she admitted to the same. As there was no respite from the threatening and abusive calls, I once again lodged a complaint with Saki Naka Police Station on 18th June 2013.

Though I have lodged as many as four complaints with different police stations, I see there is no concrete efforts to trace the culprit and book him for the torture and havoc he has created on me and my family members. Due to the numerous calls at odd hours and continuous threat to my life, my family has been spending sleepless nights and has developed suicidal tendencies.  I expect worst to happen, if no proper remedial action is taken immediately to save my family from this torture.
I look forward for your help in resolving this matter on a war footing.  I would like to further state that all the points mentioned above are true and correct to the best of my knowledge and belief and I would stand by the same during the course of your investigation. Thank you very much for your co-operation and action in advance.
After so many police cases and investigations, when no action was take against the culprits than I wrote above letter to Commissioner of Police Mumbai and Adtnl Commisnior,Crime, but even after 15-20 days no response. Really feeling helpless..Please help..


Vinay kumar



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