लगता है मुलायम सिंह यादव मानसिक रूप से दिवालिया हो चुके हैं : संजीव भट्ट

Sanjiv Bhatt : Mulayam Singh seems to have lost not only his mind, but the larger political plot as well. He says that the hapless men, women and children living in the Relief Camps are BJP/Congress activists. One wonders whether he is the same Mulayam Singh who had the displayed rare guts in stopping the Right-Wing Hooligans from desecrating the Babri Masjid on October 30, 1990.

Where are all the so called Statesmen-Politicians? Where are the bourgeoisie intelligentsia? Where are we headed as a Nation. What our Nation needs is an environment that enables us to equally enjoy each-other’s diversity as part of our own existence.

We need to revisit the days when we as school-going children played as brothers, not divided by the superfluous disparity. Some of us ate differently, some of us wore the ashes of our morning prayers on the forehead, some had strings around their shoulders, some of us disappeared during Moral Science class; but all said and done, we never sat in judgement over our differences. We were all one single body that broke up into different parts, with different addresses to go to each evening. Why can't we replicate the same behavior as adults…especially when that is the only sensible way forward!

गुजरात कैडर के आईपीएस संजीव भट्ट के फेसबुक वॉल से.

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