लाइव इंडिया के ‘आपरेशन खाकी’ का असर : दिल्ली पुलिस के करप्ट पांच कर्मी नपे

: Press Relese of Operation Khaki : Dear friends, This is about the great expose done by Live India news channel on Delhi police. "Operation khaki" The sting operation did by our channel live india shows how some corrupt police officials are not only promoting the business of flesh trade but also are the part of this ugly nexus.

The special investigation team of Live india got a lead that a huge business of flesh trade is running in posh localities in delhi under the supervision of Delhi police officials. Live indias team randomly contacted the officials of various police stations and to our surprise 5 cops including a Sub inspector an beat officers agreed to our praposal of running a sex racket in the area that comes under their jurisdiction.

Cops also gave their guarantee to provide security to the ugly business against a monthly bribe. operation Khaki shows how the cops are facilitating girls in placing them to centeres of flesh trade. Operation Khaki by Live India is an eye opener for the Administration and other political parties.

The 5 tainted cops who agreed to help the undercover reporter of Live india to set up and establish a sex racket in their jurisdictions are –

1.     Si Rang lal, Thana amar colony

2.     Beat officer Anil Thana amar colony

3.     Beat officer Rajkumar, Thana safdar jung enclave.

4.     Cons. Raj beer choudhry, Complaint cell Dcp office south zone.

5.     Cons. Jagdish, Vip duty of Mr. Huda singh.

After this expose Delhi Police came in action and have suspended all the five officials. An enquiry has also been set up and the investigation is given to the vigillence department. you tube link of the story




Vipul Chauhan

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