सलमान के स्टिंग और मानहानि के मुकदमें पर आजतक की तरफ से प्रेस रिलीज जारी

हेडलाइंस टुडे और आजतक को संचालित करने वाली कंपनी टीवी टुडे नेटवर्क की तरफ से एक प्रेस रिलीज जारी की गई है जिसमें सलमान खुर्शीद व उनकी पत्नी के खिलाफ दिखाए गए स्टिंग और मानहानि के मुकदमें को लेकर कंपनी का पक्ष रखा गया है. पूरी विज्ञप्ति इस प्रकार है……..

In response to the statements made by Mr. Salman Khurshid, allegedly threatening to sue Aajtak Channel, the India Today Group  stated that TVTN stands by the veracity of the broadcast of news pertaining to sting carried by the Channel exposing the swindling of funds by Dr Zakir Hussain Memorial Trust.

TVTN has telecast the said news only after proper verification of the relevant facts, documents, records and reliable sources, which TVTN believes and/or has reasons to believe to be true and correct to the best of their knowledge, faith and belief.

TV Today clarifies that the sting operation was aired after adhering to sound journalistic practices of conducting thorough research and ensuring that the Trust was given adequate opportunity of presenting its version of events. TVTN is in possession of all the relevant documentary evidence in support of the sting and the same shall be used as and when found to be necessary.

TVTN has not passed any judgment of guilt or conviction but has just presented the truth as it is and has left the public to decide and judge on their own. We shall defend ourselves against each & every allegation levied upon it and we will provide all the documents if required in the judicial process.

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