सियालदाह राजधानी में सीट देने के नाम पर विश्वजीत ने पांच सौ रुपये मांगे

Dilnawaz Pasha : Travel dhanbad to Delhi via sealdah Rajdhani… I boarded the train at eight twenty pm. Travel on waiting ticket landed me in the Pantry car. The staff here is very cooperative but not to everybody. Their cooperation demands money. I am sitting on a trunk lying in vacant space between six berths, five of them are occupied by the people who had to travel to Delhi at any cost.

Now I know that an cost ranges between five hundred to four thousand. I refused to pay for that cooperation cost so the upper birth is lying vacant. The journey has just begin. One Mr. Vishwajeet demanded five hundred for the sitting space. I refused.

पत्रकार दिलनवाज पाशा के फेसबुक वॉल से.

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