सीएनईबी के विरुद्ध एनयूजे करेगा कानूनी कार्रवाई, पत्र भेजा


सीएनईबी प्रबंधन ने कुछ दिन पहले ही तुगलकी फरमान जारी करके अपने सैकड़ों कर्मचारियों को सड़क पर ला दिया है. नैतिकता की बात करने वाले किसी भी बड़े पत्रकार ने निकाले गए लोगों की खबर नहीं ली. पर अब सीएनईबी के कर्मचारी अकेले नहीं हैं. सीएनईबी के सभी कर्मचारियों के साथ नेशनल जर्नलिस्‍ट ऑफ यूनियन भी खड़ा हो गया है. एनयूजे के महासचिव रास बिहारी ने सीएनईबी प्रबंधन को एक लेटर भेजा है, जिसमें चैनल प्रबंधन के खिलाफ कानूनी कार्रवाई करने की बात कही गई है. नीचे रास बिहारी द्वारा सीएनईबी प्रबंधन को भेजा गया पत्र. 
Complete News & Entertainment Broadcasting Pvt. Ltd.,
103-104, First Floor,
Vardhman Ring Road Market,
J-Block, Outer Ring Road,
Vikas Puri, NewDelhi-110018.
We have recived a joint appeal for help from 125 employees of Complete News & Entertainment Broadcasting Pvt. Ltd., working in your registered office at CNEB Pvt.Ltd., C – 12, Sector-63, Noida, G. B.Nagar (U.P.) whose services were suddenly terminated on May 5, 2012 for no fault of theirs as is also crystal clear from the language of the Notice of Termination served by you on them. A large number of them had been in service of the company since April 2008 or much earlier.
The cause for our intervention arises from the fact that most of these 125 employees are our members. Even otherwise our motto is to stand and support not only our members but also any and every media employee anywhere in India in times of their justified demands and difficulties caused by others. We, therefore, want to bring the following issues to your notice with a request to review your decision on your ‘KILL LIST’ and revoke it.
That whatever your HR /  Administration Head has done on your behalf / instructions don’t constitute due legal process and, therefore, have no legal legs to stand on and are bound to fall flat in the House of Law;
That it  is noteworthy that none  of these 125 employees was ever served any type of Clarification Notice  during their entire service period by the Management;That the Terms and Conditions specified in your Appointment Letters are very elastic and blatantly and absolutely one-sided favouring and arming you with monopolistic authority to decide and do whatever  and whenever you want to with any of your employee;
That you have refused to give your employees in the Terms and Conditions specified in your Appointment Letters any say or right to enquire any of your decision paralyzing their very survival giving birth to a vital question i.e. “Are the present-day employees still living in the age  when ‘They were not to question why; They were but to do and die’;
That whereas the Appointment Letters speak very ambiguously favouring you only and absolutely it refuses to give even an iota of benefit to the employee. For instance Probation and Confirmation Caluse B empowers you to terminate the service of any employee “at any stage without giving any notice or compensation in lieu thereof”; Clause D says “In event of your (employee) leaving the service / employment without giving aforesaid mandatory  (15 days) notice, Management / Company shall be entitled to recover damages.”
That Termination Clause A is misleading  — it is generally three-month notice on either side or payment in lieu thereof and not one-month mentioned by you obviously to favour yourself;
That the illegality of your intentions become evident in Termination Clause E wherein you say “In event of termination of service by you (employee) without giving one-month notice you (employer) will be liable for the damages for three months salary only”;
That the Appointment Letters are absolutely silent on various vital issues – LEAVE: How much earned leave can be accumulated and how much can be encashed? ; MEDICAL LEAVE; MATERNITY LEAVE; INCAPICITATION OF AN EMPLOYEE WHILE ON DUTY ; PROVIDENT FUND; GRATUITY AND RETIREMENT BENEFITS;
That the Appointment Letters don’t bear  the name and the designation of the Authorized Signatory. Why?
That the reason for termination of services given is that “the company is restructuring itself and is in process of conversion from News to Entertainment very shortly…..” Is it not a blatant lie and an absolute negation of the company’s very registered name itself i.e. Complete News & Entertainment Broadcasting Pvt. Ltd.,
That you can’t legally abandon the Complete News services without changing your basic entitlement; you can, however, broaden your services into Entertainment domain.
Without further delving into the lacunae we request  you to revoke your Termination Notices and call  the 125 employees back on duty failing which we will be forced to recourse to legal procedures.
We, however, offer our services for peaceful negotiations and settlement at any stage considered proper by both the parties.
Sincerely and with best regards,
Secretary General

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