स्वामी नित्यानंद पर विदेशी पुरुष भक्त का आरोप- बाबा ने मेरे साथ कई बार कुकर्म किया

Sunita Journo : The Karnataka CIDfiled an additional charge sheet in the Ramanagaram court, claiming that besides several women, Nithyananda alias A.Rajasekhara forced a man to have sex with him on a number of occasions both at his Bidadi ashram as well as in some cities in the US.CID have confirmed that evidence has emerged that Nithyananda was indulging in unnatural sex.The man, whose identity is not being revealed, complained to the State CID some time ago over Skype and his statement was video-recorded after due permission from the court.

He is now a resident of Seattle in the US. This is the first time a male devotee has come forward to lodge a complaint against Nithyananda against whom the first charge sheet was filed by the police after his arrest in Solon, where he had fled to when a secretly filmed sex video of him was shown by television news channels. In his complaint, the former Nithyananda devotee has given graphic accounts of how his so-called preceptor forced him into “unnatural sex” at least on six occasions at the Bidadi ashram as well as a number of times in Seattle and some other US cities. Police sources said these sexual acts were punishable under Section 377 of the IPC.

As part of the additional charge sheet, the CID has enclosed the statement of a US-based clinical psychiatrist who has alleged that when Nithyananda was on the run, he had admitted that he has had sex with several women. In pursuance of its original case against Nithyananda, the CIDhas made Jamuna Rani, the wife of his secretary A Sadhananda, alias Aiyya, a co-accused.The charge against Jamuna Rani is that she wilfully signed on behalf of Nithyananda on the infamous non-disclosure agreement that bound his devotees to silence over the various sexual acts, including tantra sex, he forced them into at his Bidadi ashram.The CID also notified the court that despite several notices to Nithyananda to appear for medical/physical examination, he did not appear before the police which, according to a source, proved mens rea or “guilty mind”.

Sunita Journo : Today, becoming a Sadhu is the best profession nothing to match even the IIMs. The sadhu enjoys all the luxuries of the world including money, women, sex, wine, dine, helicopters and security, et al…

Sunita Journo : I have got horifying and unbelieve information and evidence of this sex maniac and monster who in the name of Sadhu and tantric has involved in heinous crimes that has ruined many families and marriages. I really pity these young girls and boys and their families. Such Sadhus deserve to be hanged and fully exposed so that people come to know how they are ruined in the name of faith…

Sunita Journo : Nithyananda seems to have a real love for gold and money. While he absconded from the law, the CID Police found some of his bank accounts with a total of $7.1 Million U.S.D. in them. Nithyananda once told a Telugu Association in November 2007 in his ashram that he was interested in making BIG money. Nithyananda love for gold is obsessive. He likes to wear 24K gold accessories and sit on 24K golden thrones. He has not just one 24K gold throne, but a whole collection of at least ten. Worse yet, inscribed on the seat of these 24K gold thrones are pictures of deities. A 24K gold throne in his Vedic Temple in Montclair, California U.S.A has a picture of Lord Shiva on the seat of the throne. Yes, he sits right on top of the deity. Well, we are all only talking of agitations, fasts to fight against corruption. And Baba Ramdev keeps harping of getting black money stashed abroad. The real corruption is deep rooted in these disguised Swamis and their NGOs…..

Sunita Journo : Nithyananda encourages his devotees to worship him as a living God. Here is a horrifying link of this living God: http://nithyananda-cult.blogspot.in/2010/10/call-to-stop-fraud-pollution-in.html

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