पत्रकार और फिल्म मेकर राजेश झा ने 92 लाख की प्रापर्टी डोनेट कर दी

Journalist – Filmmaker RAJESH JHA donated  INR 85 Lakhs property and INR 7.63 Lakhs in cash for Community Health Center & Old Age Home to Government of Bihar. Both institutes will be on name of his parents MALATI & BRAHMANAND JHA and functioning will be governed by Malati Brahmanand Jha Foundation a family trust registered under Charitable Society Act.

Rajesh donated his 2 story house for MALATI BRAHMANAND JHA COMMUNITY HEALTH CENTER ,MANDARHILL , BHAGALPUR which will start functioning from 14th January 2013 with 25 ( extandable to 30 ) beds. He is constructing a 26 rooms Old Age Home called MALATI BRAHMANAND JHA VRUDHASHRAM where 50 old poor and helpless people will stay till death. Their living cost will be bore by MALATI BRAHMANAND JHA FOUNDATION and for this purpose it has given 15 aces agricultural land of Adra- Sukhaniya river bank to the Old Age Home. Agricultural produces from that land can easily meet expenses of old age home.

Rajesh owns properties in Manda (UP),Sivari ( W.Bangal ) and Nepal also where he is planning extension of this Foundation's activities. He told till 2017 he and his family will work to make first unit financially independent then Foundation will expand her activities in U.P., Bangal & Nepal respectively. Rajesh's forefathers were Raj Purohits of King of TRIPURA & NEPAL and all donated properties were given to them as dakshina. Now all these properties are turned Non-Performing assets to Malati Brahmanand Jha family so they have decided  give it back to the service of society.

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