A letter of the vaidic scholar to Prof. Stephen Hawking

Respected Mr. Stephen Hawking,


Centre for Mathematical Sciences

Wilberforce Road

Cambridge CB3 0WA


Subject:- Sudden change in your views about black hole.


About above it came to my knowledge through different media. Nature news 24 January 2014 ‘Stephen Hawking: There are no black holes’ I read your article first of all I heartily congratulate on accepting the truth. Do you remember that on 29 august 2013 I asked 12 questions by e-mail from you and other scientists of the world, about black hole and big bang model? About black hole and event horizon the question was- “Near black hole time stops this is believed? Due to this it is to be accepted that outside black hole and inside it there is no action, movement because without time action and movement cannot take place. But in black hole there is more gravitational force due to this, gravitational waves will be produced.

Then, action and movement is proved on outer layer of black hole. Radiations are always present, it may not be emitted. Stephen Hawking believes in radiation emission. It is known as Hawking radiation. Then, action and movement is proved by itself. Then, how it is said that on black hole time and movement stops?”

Sir! I want to know whether you have considered my letter dated 29.8.2013. Your technical assistant Mr. Jonathan word told me that you are unable to answer my questions. In your recent article instead of black hole you are assuming fire wall. You have changed event horizon into apparent horizon. Actually this is work of Indian cosmologist Dr. A.K. Mitra, B.A.R.C. actually he has already put these thoughts in his papers in details. In comparison Dr. Mitra’s thought are more clearly and in details than yours, but your thoughts are unclear and short. I have his articles on black hole. Actually Dr. Mitra can claim on new thought.

It is astonishing that you have not even mentioned his name. I raised serious questions on black hole and event horizon too. It is not necessary to mention my name but Dr. Mitra has put alternative of black hole in details. Why you have changed your previous views on theory? There is no reasoning in it. You failed to prove fire wall theory. Therefore your article is not useful scientifically. Your book ‘Grand Design’ stands in the same line. Please do not mind for this discussion.

Sir! I posted my book on 19.4.2006 under latter no. 798 ‘Basic Material Cause of the Creation’ forward written by Dr. A.K. Mitra. In this book Black hole & big bang model zero volume and infinite matter and infinite energy was disapproved. Before it in august 2004 Dr. Mitra his subject black hole article had written this type of thoughts. At that time you yourself in your book Briefer history of times, discussed infinite mass in zero volume in Big bang. In your lecture in Hebrew university of Jerusalem date 16.12.2004 you had not accepted zero volume but mentioned as a point but that point’s volume is not mentioned. On July 2010 on Discovery T.V. Channel accepted point volume equal to Atom.

Sir! I would like to know whether change of mind is due to my book or the paper published by Dr. A.K. Mitra.

Sir! In your book ‘Grand Design’ you have disapproved presence of God and accepted the existence of creation is due to laws of Physics. Its disapproval is on my website: www.vaidicscience.com video in hindi. Richard P. Feynman had accepted that physical laws are laws of God. Actually existence of God can prove by physical laws. I request you please think again on Big bang theory. Hope after sometime you will definitely accept this unreality. The God whom you do not believe will give you long and healthy life, so that you may able to accept mistakes in Big bang model. My research is going to finish shortly. I am confident that I will be able to throw light on following points.

Modern theory of force is quite unclear and in complete. On that diagrams of famous American scientist Richard P. Feynman are accepted all over the world. I will be able to write on it in details in near future.

So called basic particles are not actual basic particles. I will be able to prove complete process of the formation of actual basic particles in detail. Now a day’s modern science is not considering on this line. Instead of black hole Dr. Mitra’s ECO model agrees with my vaidic model. I can write my views on this subject. Creation of the universe from eternal and infinite matter process theory, I will be able to prove up to formation of the stars and will be able to write on it in details.

Dark energy is accepted responsible for big bang now days. I will be able to show its participation in every action in creation. But my dark energy will be quite different from today’s dark energy. In present day science hypothetical vacuum energy form and other forms of unknown energies, I will be able to show. I will be able to throw light on hidden points of astrophysics, cosmology and particle physics. All this is to prove omnipresent Omni power God scientifically. Vaidic mantras are godly creation in form of vibrations in universe. They are not equal to Quran and Bible and any other books, I will prove it. Hope you and other scientist of the world will think over it.

With warm regards

(Translated in English by Shri Subodh Muni) 



Acharya Agnivrat Naishthik


Shri Vaidic Swasti Pantha Nyas

(Vaidic & Modern Science Research Centre)

Ved Vijnan Mandir, Bhagal Bheem,

Bhinmal, Dist.- Jalore (Rajasthan) INDIA

E-mail- swamiagnivrat@gmail.com                                                                

Website- www.vaidicscience.com


Feb 10 (11 days ago)

Thank you for your email to Professor Hawking.

As you can imagine, Prof. Hawking receives many such every day.  He very much regrets that due to the severe limitations he works under, and the enormous number of requests he receives, he is unable to compose a reply to every message, and we do not have the resources to deal with many of the specific scientific enquiries and theories we receive.

Please see the website http://www.hawking.org.uk for more

information about Professor Hawking, his life and his work.

Yours faithfully

Jonathan Wood

Technical Assistant to
Professor S W Hawking CH CBE FRS


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