AAMRAN ANSHAN (Hunger Strike) by Cinema & Television Artistes’s

Dear Sir/Madam, This is to inform you that I am Arif Sheikh, member of CINTAA ( Cinema & Television Artistes Assocition). I am starting HUNGER STRIKE (AAMRAN ANSHAN) from 7 am, 30th december,2013 at CINTAA TOWER, model town, 4 bunglow, Andheri (W). (Landmark-beside Kokila ben hospital.)

We are artistes working in various television serials and films. We are facing many problems due to non implementation of proper guidelines issued by CINTAA & FEDERATION. The survival of an artistes become very difficult now-a-days. We are dedicated our life to the ART. We are performing every emmotion of the life for the entertainment of people. We make them LAUGH and HAPPY.But we are CRYING.

We have no food to eat, no place to live, and no money for treatment. Becoz we are not getting payments on time.

Our association CINTAA is not interested to solve our problems and resolve those important issues, which deeply affects our life. We tried alot for years to make them convince. but they responded like a deaf. Finally we decided to take a hard step which shown by Mahatma Gandhi, Anna Hazare. We commited to Hunger stirke till death. We raised our voice…Plz support us to make our condition better.

Our DEMANDS are……

1. When artistes are approched for shooting, they spend ther own money to reach the destination and after shooting for come back to their places. This travelling allowance is called "CONVEYANCE" in our medium. We are investing our money for the interest of Producer's proffit.
we demand minimum Rs 500 amount as conveyance for the character artistes and "cameo".

2. After executing our job as an actor, we do not get any money. Becoz producers are stricked to payment after 90 days rule. And after 90 days, artist start another struggle for his own payment.
We demand our remunaration must be paid on time well within ONE WEEK. This issue of early payment is pending from a long time, more than 10 years.

3. Artistes are facing problems due to the so called "CO-ORDINATORS". If they get them job through co-ordinators…they have to pay 30% of thier payment to them.. which was shared by casting directors also. The production houses avoiding direct casting. Due to ill-practice, Artistes become jobless. They do not have money………so how can they pay Rs 900 as thair annual membership fee of CINTAA.

CINTAA cancled their membership becoz of non-paymet of fee on TIME. Many seniors artistes are thrown out from our association CINTAA. That shown DECTATERSHIP. We demand, they will get their membership again by paying their due annual membership fee.

4. CINTAA is the trade union of the artistes (Regd-3086). which established for " to the safeguard of the interset of the Artistes". CINTAA is an association of more than 8000 members includint BIG STARs. We want the transparancy in decision making in CINTAA committee.If somebody raise their voice or ask any question related to the artistes, than committe show hippocratic attitude to issue them "SHOW CAUSE NOTICE". Is it crime to ask question to committee members.Becoz of this reason they got suspension. Is it JUSTIFIED?

We demand the cancelation of show cause notice issued to the members and suspension.

We have right to protest. And we are protesting for our rights.
Plz show us solidarity by giving ur support.

Thanking you

Arif Sheikh
Cintaa no.-6167
Freelance Actor
Film industry

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