7th day of Akhilendra`s fast : Condition deteriorates

New Delhi, Feb.13, 2014 : Welcoming Delhi High Court verdict on Arunanchal Pradesh resident Nido Tania`s murder and frequent attacks on north-east people in Delhi, Akhilendra Pratap Singh said in astatement issued from Jantar-Mantar on 7th day of his fast said that every Indian, be it from Hindi-Urdu speaking area, from south, central, north-east or Kashmir, he has every right to live with dignity.

Any act or administrative action which is against this Fundamental right enshrined in the Constitution, is undemocratic. Mr Singh said that attacks on north-east people are painful and in order to stop them, it is necessary that in north-east, too, citizen`s rights and dignity must be respected and restored. It is noteworthy that violation of the democratic rights and brutal repression has continued unabated in entire north-east including Manipur and Nagaland. It is for the democratic rights of the people that Erom Sharmila is sitting on fast for the last 12 years.

By the so-called democratic governments, be they in centre or states, the inhuman treatment towards them continues. It is shameful in a civilized society. We urge the central government that if it is really serious in creating consciousness for the protection of life and dignity of north-east people living in Delhi, including those from Manipur, Arunanchal and Nagaland, then it must restore the democratic rights of the north-east people, stop the atrocities by military and paramilitary forces on the civilians, from Kashmir to Mizoram under black laws and take initiative for respectful termination of Erom Sharmila`s fast.

Akhilendra`s condition further deteriorated, ketone content is increasing in the urine and his pulse rate was more than normal and there is gradual weight loss. The 10-day long fast by Akhilendra at Jantar-Mantar for bringing corporate houses and NGOs within the ambit of Lokpal Act, for inclusion of Right to work in Fundamental Rights of the Constitution instead of Directive Principles, for passage of anti-Communal violence Bill in the Parliament and other peoples issues is supported by CPI(M) General Secretary Com. Prakash Karat,veteran Communist leader and former General Secretary Com.AB Bardhan, Justice Rajendra Sachhar and other leaders of mass movements as well as intellectuals.

SR Darapuri

Ex IG UP Police
National Spokesperson

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