Amity School of Engineering : the group of peoples who shucks blood of their employees to make numerous buldings

Recently I had seen good face of one private university, therefore I would like to inform you my story, if you think that this will help our juniors, and their friends then please send this story to as many persons as you know in INDIA or ABROAD. The story is as follows :

I had joined Amity School of Engineering on July 22, 2013. The management had offered me the salary of INR 50600/- per month, which was actually some INR 7000/- less than the salary in govt. scale. I agreed on it (although if I work for all 30 or 31 days I am in loss of INR 7000/- PM). The head of the institute motivated me for pursuing my PhD programme, I was happy, as I use to go to the college on the days when I was having the assignment, on the days when I was not having any assignment I use to take leave without pay (LWP). In this manner August 1, 2013 had come, and on third of then I found that there was no salary given to me for the period of 22 to 30th. Later on after inquiry I found that the salary transfer takes place on 1st or 2nd of the month but the calculation is based on 19th – 18th of next month. Here, again the lack of 12 days in the salary. A person like me who has no other source of income became unstable due to shortage of money in hand, then also I had tried to borrow money from friends (some of you who had landed me the huge amount are also reading this story), and continued to go and take classes on time. Now the September 1st had arrived, they had not transferred even a single paisa in my account. Now my words were gone wrong, with the friends to whom I had promised to return the sum they had landed.

Now on further inquiry they told me few new rules which they had never told me from the time of my joining, “you were absent (LWP) for most of the period of the month therefore the salary cannot be transferred to my account”. Now I was really puzzled, as I had borrowed more than 20 thousand from my friends. There was no written terms and conditions in which such type of thing would have been mentioned. Another thing I came to know which was not mentioned anywhere in writing that if employee reaches there after 10 am then he will be paid half day salary, or if he leaves before 5:30PM (relaxed for 4:30 on two days in a month, I do not how but they said so). Also employee has to complete 8:30HRs in the college if he reaches after 9AM but before 10 AM. The time will not be counted if you reaches there before 9AM. Isn’t this gives you the idea that such type of the things could only be suggested by aged, mad military personnel’s and they have many in number, so I got the idea that this is not the place work, but a place for slavery.

After this all I relaxed a little, and started going less frequently, as in one day it takes nearly 200/- in going and coming back, and I was short of money so only use to go whenever I could be able to arrange the money, there would have been no problem if they had paid the salary even in September.

On 6th September they assured me that the salary will be transferred in your account in October, 2013. I waited till 2nd October, and checked the account on 4th October, 2013 and was surprised that there was no money transferred to my account. Meanwhile on September 30th, 2013, I got injured while travelling towards this university in metro, and the soft tissue injury took place in which I was not been able to even breath for one week. I was not having money, still I thank my all friends of IITD who had took care in that crucial situation, with money and medicine.

During these problematic period I had dialled too many times to the head of Amity school of engineering, and requested, prayed and even whispered with tears to release at least the part of salary i.e. from 22nd July to 30th august. But these basterds were not having any heart, and kept me saying that come to university and discuss. What the shit has to be discussed in this case with such basterds the founder of the university, the personnel’s involved in management and the HOI of the institute.

Who lost what:

As a faculty member I lost faith over such private universities, it is better to join a private college than a private university.

As students to whom I was teaching with full of my energy, had missed the chance of even covering their full syllabus, so would you like that your kids to will face such type of studies in these highly paid universities, if not then please spread this message so that maximum kids can be saved from spoiling their future in such universities. These mostly run these universities to earn huge money by pickpocketing you as a parent. They shows you too much when you go for admission in these universities, but they have nothing there in reality.

When I went to take some lab class there were not even a single place to make the students sit, and get their practical conducted. In some of the lab classes there was no raw material to get the class conducted. On asking to the lab attendant, he says that they had applied years back, but had not received the material. They do not have even the basic infrastructure needed for an Engineering student. Then also we parents gives then lacks of rupees per year as fees. WHY????????????

I had written only fraction of drawbacks, if you had any of your friend near you who is engineer then please let him read this message for you so that he can tell you what the actual situation is in private universities like Amity, which is running in your area, or very near to your area “they compares themselves with IITs but they are not even equivalent to ITIs”.

Save Your Selves and Save the Future of your Kids

Manoj Kumar Satyarthi

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