लोकसभा चुनाव तक के लिए Aroon Purie ने टीआरपी टारगेट दे दिया, पढ़ें आंतरिक मेल

From: AP

To: TV Today All

As 1 billion people vote and TV TodayNetwork gears up to cover the most complex election of the world, I wanted to convey my good wishes. I would also like to share a few thoughts. This poll is not only a contest between political parties or ideologies. It is also a battle for TV Today. Regardless of who forms the government, it should be ITG which comes out the WINNER.

Our reporting has to be sharp, spot on, and fast. Our programs have to be accurate and must leave our viewers well informed. Our visuals and sets should wow our audience.  I want our stories to be the talk in every home. Be creative, be innovative. Be the leader.

Winning, ultimately, is an attitude. In a difficult situation, tempers can run. A byte may be missed. Electronic equipment may fail. A team member may fall ill or quit. Stating the problem is easy. Blaming is easier. Winners find the solution. YOU are the solution.

And finally, “stars” are good for gazing. “Teams” are meant for winning. The power of so many of you is exponential. Use it well.  Learn  to use each other’s strengths; we all have weak points.

At the end of the war, the following battles must be won:

· Aajtak has to be No. 1, and at least 30% ahead of its next competitor

· Headlines Today must move forward swiftly to the top spot

· TEZ must realize 5% share

· DAT has to achieve 5% market share in Delhi

We are going to rely on market data, imperfect though it may be, to measure ourselves week-on-week. It is a 12-week siege. Let’s come out stronger every week.

And last, no battle can be won if the army is not jubilant. I have requested our Enabling Services to make sure we are having fun in this exciting period. Marketing must give us the strategic edge. Sales, each of you should overachieve targets to keep us robust. Radio, you may not be directly involved but your support, whenever you can, will help tremendously.

Monday, March 3rd onwards and up till May, I’d like to see each one of you emerge as champions.


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