We want justice for false fir case…

In chattisgarh state district durg a bjp parshad facing a case of false F.I.R his father complained against this and want justice.
The editor ,
Media has always been one of the most effective medium to educate & make people aware for facts & right things, therefor I have written detail about the fact. would inform that my son Mr.hariom tiwari appointed as a B.J.P parshad,ward no 1, since 2010(nagar palika nigam bhilai) , his age is 31yrs. He has done so much work in ward & their localties regularly. As we know that in every area good & bad people live in localties, therefor Builder. Mr.shrinivas khedia & their gangester his work is generally land capturing & disturbance of loving people most of the time ,due to strong financial power,position & political support .
My son Hariom tiwari always oppose such unethical work of Builders Mr.shrinivas khedia & gangester( Niranjan tripathi nick name satpati & gulab mahto so many times , that's the reason Nagar palika nigam Bhilai
& durg collector giving order to destroy their illegal property last year 2012, after this incident they are just demoralise him , first of all Gulab mahto & satpati attacked him & several other incident happened in
last 3 yrs ,even then local supela & smriti nagar police didn't support , the reason behind financial support given by builder & such corrupt people.
Now we acknowledge that Builder Mr.shrinivas khedia , satpati & Gulab mahto these 3 people made plan , how to demolish their parshad career , therefor he has given money to drunker ishwar singh(nick name- ishu) for charging rape case of her 7 yrs daughter against 2 person name My son hariom tiwari &
lokesh sahu (military personel).
I am here short briefing of this case story : Ishwar singh charged rape case of her 7yrs old daughter , that date he mentioned 24.06.2013 & he reported on 22.09.2013 ,but we mentioned nothing is shown in medical report of rape case first, second already he mentioned lokesh sahu (military personel) on that date he was already on Military duty , location chennai that report already send by military commander to Supritendent police durg, third her wife Nitu kaur already opposed such nonsense thing but police didnot listen anything in police station, she is witness of everything for facts of money & greedness of her husband , but supela police & smritinagar (bhilai, durg )diidnot take any action of her drunker husband , 4th matter is How is possible 7 yrs girl who raped by 2 people & his father written an fir against him after 3 months & supela police filled fir without doing any inquiry of such facts.
we are very upset of such wrong thing happened against my son ,so I want your fully cooperation to right justice , if my son is wrong you took right action as well as hang till death ,  my view is very clear ,if he is right kindly justice and right action to all people either ishwar singh, shrinivas khedia , his gangester team(gulab mahto , satpati) & police also.
Note : we have evidence , plz cooperate for right justice.
Thanks & regards
Shanti Tiwari
Model town,ward no 1,
Nehru nagar ,bhilai,dist-durg, chhattisgarh.
mob: 07489055101

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