जागरण के मालिकों-मैनेजरों समेत 17 के खिलाफ चारसौबीसी और धोखाधड़ी का केस फाइल

: Dainik Jagran govt advertisement scandal-series- 01 : A case of forgery and cheating has been filed against Dainik Jagran in Bihar court : Muzaffarpur (Bihar) : A complaint case, bearing No. 2638/2012, has been filed in the court of the Honourable Chief Judicial Magistrate, Mr. Surendra Pratap Singh against the top functionaries of M/S Jagran Publicaton Limited, Kanpur (U.P) under sections 420/471/476/120(B) of The Indian Penal Code and sections 8 (B) / 12 / 13 / 14 & 15 of The Press & Registration of Books Act,1867 for cheating the union and the state governments of Bihar in a bid to get the govt. advertisements on fake documents.

The complainant, Raman Kumar Yadav, a resident of Pustak Bhawan Safi Dawdi Market, Motijheel, P.S.-Town Police Station, District Muzaffarpur, State-Bihar, has named seventeen persons of the company as the opposite parties.

The company functionaries, who have been made the Opposite Parties in the complaint case, include (1) Mahendra Mohan Gupta(Chairman cum Managing Director), (2) Sanjoy Gupta(C.E.O cum Director), (3) Dhirendra Mohan Gupta (Director), (4) Sunil Gupta (Director), (5) Shailesh Gupta(Director), (6) Bharatji Agrawal(Director), (7) Kishore Biyani (Director),  (8) Naresh Mohan(Director), (9) R.K.Jhunjhunawala (Director), (10) Rashid Mirza (Director), (11) Shashidhar Narayan Sinha (Director), (12) Bijoy Tandon(Director), (13) Vikram Bakhshi (Director), (14) Amit Jaisawal (Company Secretary), (15) Aanand Tripathi (General Manager & Printer,Patna), (16) Devendra Roy (Regional Editor, Muzaffarpur) and (17) Shailendra Dixit (State Editor, Patna) .

''All seventeen functionaries of M/S Jagran Publication Limited,Jagran Building, 2, Sarvodaynagar, Kanpur-208005, are members of the Board of Directors and the Editorial Board,'' the complainant Raman Kumar Yadav has stated in his complaint-petition.

''All the seventeen functionaries of the company publish Dainik Jagran,a Hindi daily newspaper, from Bihar,Jharkhand, Utter Pradesh and in other states of the country,'' Mr.Yadav has further stated in his complaint-petition.

''All the seventeen functionaries of the company have to abide by the rules and regulations of The Press & Registration of Books Act,1867 totally.It is the legal compulsion of the publication to do so.And if they violate the rules and provisions of the Act, it is a punishable offence,'' Mr.Yadav has further stated in his complaint petition.

''All the functionaries of the company have been publishing and circulating Dainik Jagran newspapers with the local news-materials at different places in different states where they have set up separate printing stations(presses) and the editorial offices to print,publish and circulate among the Hindi readers of the towns concerned.Besides, they have deputed regional editors for all those new editions / publicatons of Dainik Jagran in neighbouring states including Bihar under the provisions 5(1), 5(2), 5(2A), 5(2B) & 5(2C) of the Press & Registration of Books Act, 1867.And thus, all the functionaries of the company are earning crores and crores yearly from the advertisements of the private sectors and the governments ,''Mr.Yadav has further stated.

''The D.A.V.P (Directorate of Advertising & Visual Publicity ,Government of India,New Delhi) is the agency of the union government that decides the advertisement rate for the Indian newspapers and also allocates the govt. advertisements for the newspapers.While, the P.R.D( Information & Public Relation Department,Patna,Bihar) releases the state govt. advertisements .All state government advertisements are routed through the Public Relation Department,Patna,Bihar for publication,''Mr.Yadav has further stated in his complaint petition .

''Before March,06,2008,most of the state government departments of Bihar in all districts used to send the govt. advertisements to the daily newspapers directly for publication.The newspapers in Bihar also used to get classified govt. advertisements from the govt. offices directly on the occasions of the Independence and Republic Days every year.But,when the Bihar government declared ''The Bihar Advertisemet Policy-2008'' in 2008, all state government advertisements are being sent to the newspapers for publication through the Information & Public Relation Department,Patna,Bihar.And this system of the advertisement release is going on in the state of Bihar till now,'' Mr.Raman has further stated in his complaint-petition.

''All the functionaries of the company began printing,publishing and circulating the new edition/publication of Dainik Jagran from the new printing press at Muzaffarpur from April 18,2005, and have been doing it till now.But, they didn't obtain the Registration No. from the office of the Press Registrar,New Delhi .Instead, all of them began publishing the Registration No. of the Patna edition/publication of the same title Dainik Jagran in a bid to cheat the Union and the State governments to get the govt. advertisements .The Registration No. of the Patna Publication of Dainik Jagran is 'BIHHIN / 2000 / 3097''.The functionaries of the company with wrongful intention presented their Muzaffarpur edition / publication of Dainik Jagran as the registered newspaper before the officials of the D.A.V.P. (New Delhi) and the P.R.D (Patna) and got the govt. advertisements from the Bihar Govt. and the Union govt. worth several crores since April 18,2005 .The loot of the govt. advertisements in Bihar is continuing without a break till now,''Mr.Raman has further stated in his complaint-petition.

…To be continued…

By ShriKrishna Prasad. Mobile No.09470400813

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