Concern regarding this article “आसाराम की घटिया हरकतों पर बना ‘बिरहा’ पूर्वी यूपी और बिहार में मशहूर होने लगा (सुनें)”

Dear Yashwant ji,

I am big fan of your's articles and first time sending you mail having some concerns regarding your article '' आसाराम की घटिया हरकतों पर बना 'बिरहा' पूर्वी यूपी और बिहार में मशहूर होने लगा (सुनें) ''.

As I am daily reader of your site and a software engineer not much time to read newspapers but believe in you that you always talk about truth and convey right message to our society. It is really impressive for me – you are a part of journalism but different from other news channels …but today I am depressed to read this article. Deepak Chaurasia may be good journalist for you but I heard most of worst things about him. He is paid journalist. Please dont compare him with you.

Second thing, 2 or 3 days back my parents and grand mother were watching disha channel then they saw a live virat sammelan type program in whichbholanand (one of the witness against Asaram bapu case) are exposing media and especially Deepak Chaurasia. What was that? When my father called me to watch this program then I was really shocked what happened with this media. Then I searched a lot about Bholanand on internet then I found some links related to some youtube links and hindu jargruti .

As an Indian citizen it is my responsibility to convey the right message to all of us and I heard above videos and heartily request to you to watch these videos honestly.

Now it depends on you whether you presume this mail in a right way or consider it as a wastage of time. It is hurting to me that you are supporting paid media channels and please convey the right message to readers. I will wait for your reply.

Thanks & Regards,

Shashi Sisodia

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